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(with Frieder Jäckel)
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Harmonic measures are product measures
preprint, September 2005. PDF

An example for nonequivalence of symplectic capacities
preprint, October 2002. PDF

Other writings

Flache Flächen, unipotente Flüsse und eine kühne Vision:
Das Werk von Maryam Mirzakhani und Marina Ratner

Mitt. Dtsch. Math.-Ver. 25 (2017), 154-156. PDF

Zooming in and out: The work of Maryam Mirzakhani through the eyes of a geometer
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the original article is available at Spingerlink

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the original article is available at Spingerlink
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(with Roman Koch) Systoles of a family of triangle surfaces
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Computerprogram "funda" to compute systoles of certain triangle surfaces (written by Roman Koch) tar.gz PS

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Addendum filling a gap pdf
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