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Program of the topology seminar in previous semesters:


  • October 15th 2019
    Steffen Kionke (KIT, Karlsruhe): Limits of topological invariants in the p-adic numbers
  • October 22nd 2019
    Diego Lopez Alvarez (MPIM, Bonn): The strong Atiyah conjecture for the families of locally indicable and one-relator groups
  • October 29th 2019
    Siegfried Echterhoff (WWU Münster): The Baum-Connes Conjecture
  • November 5th 2019
    Markus Hausmann (RFWU Bonn): Equivariant formal group laws and complex cobordism
  • November 12th 2019
    Ian Hambleton (McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada): Rank conditions for finite group actions on 4-manifolds
  • November 19th 2019
    Thomas Nikolaus (WWU Münster): On the Beilinson fibre sequence
  • November 26th 2019
    Pavle Blagojević (FU Berlin/SANU Belgrade, Serbia): On a vector bundle which cuts, bounces, embeds and measures waists
  • December 3rd 2019
    Lior Yanovski (MPIM, Bonn): Higher semiadditivity (a.k.a. ambidexterity) and chromatic homotopy theory
  • December 10th 2019
    no seminar

  • December 17th 2019
    Christmas market!

  • January 7th 2020
    Anthony Conway (MPIM, Bonn): Non-slice linear combinations of iterated torus knots
  • January 14th 2020
    Richard Hepworth (University of Aberdeen, UK): Homological stability for algebras
  • January 21st 2020
    Emanuele Dotto (University of Warwick, Coventry, UK): The Grothendieck-Witt theory of quadratic functors
  • January 28th 2020
    Piotr Pstrągowski (Københavns Universitet, Denmark): Synthetic spectra

  • SS2019

  • April 9th
    Mark Powell (Durham University, England): The sphere embedding theorem
  • April 16th
    Giles Gardam (WWU Münster): Boundaries of hyperbolic and CAT(0) groups and Cannon-Thurston maps
  • April 23rd
    Johan Konter (Stockholms Universitet, Sweden): Homology of infinite loop spaces
  • April 30th
    Tyler Lawson (MPIM, Bonn / University of Minnesota, Minneapolis-St. Paul, USA): Adjoining roots in algebra and topology
  • May 7th
    Andrew Baker (University of Glasgow, Scotland): Stable Homotopy of CW R-modules
  • May 14th
    Markus Land (Universität Regensburg): On the K-theory of pullbacks
  • May 21st
    Andrea Bianchi (RFWU Bonn): Splitting of the homology of the punctured mapping class group
  • May 28th
    Christoph Winges (RFWU Bonn): Coarse homology theories and assembly maps
  • June 4th
    Irakli Patchkoria (University of Aberdeen, Scotland): Proper equivariant stable homotopy theory
  • June 11th
    no seminar (Pentecost)

  • June 18th
    Gijsbert Scheltus Karel Sebastiaan Heuts (Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands): Koszul duality in v_n-periodic homotopy theory
  • June 25th
    Mario Salvetti (Univerisità di Pisa, Italy): Cohomology of superelliptic families and complex braid groups
  • July 2nd
    Jesper Grodal (Københavns Universitet, Denmark): String topology of finite groups of Lie type
  • July 9th
    Joost Nuiten (Université de Montpellier, France): A van Est theorem in derived geometry
  • WS2018 - 2019

  • October 16th
    NIMA RASEKH (MPIM, Bonn): The fundamental group and natural number objects
  • October 23rd
    FALK BECKERT (MPIM, Bonn): Higher symmetries on stable homotopy theories
  • October 30th
    LAUREN BANDKLAYDER (MPIM, Bonn): The Dold-Thom theorem via factorization homology
  • November 6th, Coffee, tea and biscuits will be served in the seminar room.
    JENS REINHOLD (Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA): Manifold bundles over surfaces
  • November 13th, Coffee, tea and biscuits will be served in the seminar room.
    DUSTIN CLAUSEN (RFWU Bonn): The algebraic topology of p-adic Lie groups
  • November 20th
    GRIGORI AVRAMIDI (WWU Münster/MPIM, Bonn): Coarse embeddings, Moore spaces, and L^2 Betti numbers

  • November 27th
    LUKAS LEWARK (Universität Bern, Switzerland): Linking pairings and unknotting numbers
  • December 4th
    no seminar

  • December 11th, Coffee, tea and biscuits will be served in the seminar room.
    BENJAMIN BÖHME (RFWU Bonn): Idempotent splittings of G-equivariant commutative ring spectra
  • December 18th
    Christmas Market

  • January 8th
    BRUNO STONEK (MPIM Bonn): Higher THH of KU
  • January 15th
    RACHEL SKIPPER (GAU Göttingen/ÉNS de Lyon, France): Finiteness properties of simple groups
  • January 22nd
    no seminar

  • January 29th, 5:30 pm, please note the unusual time. Coffee, tea and biscuits will be served in the seminar room from 5pm.
    WOLFGANG STEIMLE (Universität Augsburg): On the h-cobordism category
  • SS2018

  • April 10th
    EMANUELE DOTTO (RFWU Bonn): Witt vectors, polynomiality, and the dihedral fixed-points of THH

  • April 17th
    RACHAEL BOYD (University of Aberdeen, Scotland): Homological stability for Artin monoids

  • April 24th
    no seminar

  • May 1st
    Labour day (so we don't work!)

  • May 8th
    BERNHARD HANKE (Universität Augsburg): An equivariant Quillen theorem

  • May 15th
    DENIS NARDIN (Université Paris 13, France): A universal property for Hermitian K-theory

  • May 22nd

  • May 29th
    MAURICIO BUSTAMANTE (Universität Augsburg): Bundles with fiberwise negatively curved metrics

  • June 5th
    NATHALIE WAHL (Københavns Universitet, Denmark): Stability and stable homology of classical groups

  • June 12th, Coffee, tea and biscuits will be served in the seminar room!
    BEREN SANDERS (EPF Lausanne, Switzerland): Quillen stratification for the Balmer spectrum with applications

  • June 19th
    CHRISTOPHER DAVIS (University of California, Irvine, USA): On the absolute de Rham-Witt complex over W(k) and over perfectoid rings

  • June 26th
    IAN LEARY (University of Southampton, UK): Generalized Bestvina-Brady groups and their applications

  • July 3rd
    DAMIAN OSAJDA (Uniwersytet Wrocławski, Poland): Two-dimensional Artin groups and systolicity

  • July 10th
    STEFFEN SAGAVE (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, The Netherlands): Multiplicative structures on Thom spectra and parametrized spectra

  • WS2017-18

  • 10 October 2017
    ARUNIMA RAY (MPIM Bonn): 4-dimensional analogues of Dehn's lemma

  • 17 October 2017
    AKHIL MATHEW (University of Chicago): A gentle approach to the de Rham-Witt complex

  • 24 October 2017
    JINGYIN HUANG (MPIM Bonn/McGill University): Uniform lattices acting on RAAG complexes

  • 31 October 2017
    Reformation day. Public holiday throughout Germany on occasion of the 5th centenary.

  • 7 November 2017
    EVA HÖNING (MPIM Bonn/Université Paris 13): The topological Hochschild homology of algebraic K-theory of finite fields

  • 14 November 2017
    MAGDALENA KEDZIOREK (MPIM Bonn/EPFL): An algebraic model for rational G-spectra

  • 21 November 2017
    Opening ceremony for the GlobalMathNetwork.

  • 28 November 2017
    BOGDAN GHEORGHE (MPIM Bonn/Wayne State University): Motivic Homotopy Theory without Schemes
    Additional note: Tea will be served at 4.30 pm in the seminar room (1.008).

  • 5 December 2017
    MANUEL ARAÚJO (MPIM Bonn/University of Oxford): Bordism and duality in low dimensions

  • 12 December 2017
    ARTHUR SOULIÉ (Université de Strasbourg): Long-Moody construction and polynomial functors

  • 9 January 2018
    LUKAS BRANTNER (MPIM Bonn): Operations on Spectral Lie Algebras and a Conjecture of Ravenel
    Additional note: Tea will be served at 4.30 pm in the seminar room (1.008).

  • 16 January 2018
    MANUEL KRANNICH (University of Copenhagen): On characteristic classes of exotic manifold bundles

  • 23 January 2018
    FEDERICO CANTERO MORÁN (Universitat de Barcelona): The space of merging submanifolds
    Additional note: Tea will be served at 4.30 pm in the seminar room (1.008).

  • 30 January 2018
    TOMASZ PRYTUŁA (University of Southampton): Classifying space for proper actions for groups admitting a strict fundamental domain
    Additional note: Tea will be served at 4.30 pm in the seminar room (1.008).

  • SS2017

  • April 18th 2017
    no seminar

  • April 25th 2017
    CHRISTOPH WINGES (MPIM, Bonn): Automorphisms of manifolds and the Farrell-Jones conjectures

  • May 2nd 2017
    JOHANNES EBERT (WWU Münster): The positive scalar curvature cobordism category

  • May 9th 2017
    MARTIN PALMER (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn): Twisted homological stability and homological representations of braid groups

  • May 16th 2017
    SEAN TILSON (Bergische Universität Wuppertal): Squaring operations in the Motivic and C_2-equivariant Adams spectral sequence

  • May 23rd 2017
    AKHIL MATHEW (Harvard University, Cambridge, USA): Nonconnective simplicial commutative rings

  • May 30th 2017
    IAN HAMBLETON (McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada): Group actions on rational homology 3-spheres

  • June 6th 2017
    no seminar (Pentecost)

  • June 13th 2017
    MARC STEPHAN (UBC, Vancouver, Canada): Free (Z/p)^n-actions and p-DG modules

  • June 20th 2017
    no seminar

  • June 27th 2017
    DREW HEARD (Universität Hamburg): Ascent for stratifications

  • July 4th 2017
    GEORGIOS RAPTIS (Universität Regensburg): Devissage theorems in K-theory

  • July 11th 2017, 16:30 (note the unsual time!)
    CHRISTIAN AUSONI (Université Paris 13, France): On the topological Hochschild homology of E(2)

  • July 18th 2017
    PETER ARNDT (Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf): Motivic Homotopy Theory over deeper bases

  • July 25th 2017
    TOBIAS BARTHEL (Københavns Universitet, Denmark): The boundary of chromatic homotopy theory

  • WS2016-2017

  • September 13th 2016
    GEOFFROY HOREL (MPIM, Bonn): Interactions between operads and motives

  • September 20th 2016
    HOLGER KAMMEYER (KIT, Karlsruhe): L^2-invariants of groups and knots

  • September 27th 2016
    CHRISTOPHER DAVIS (University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, USA): An overview of knot concordance and 4-manifolds

  • October 4th 2016
    no seminar

  • October 11th 2016
    DANIEL KASPROWSKI (MPIM, Bonn): Injectivity of assembly maps

  • October 18th 2016
    no seminar

  • October 25th 2016
    no seminar

  • November 2nd 2016, notice that is wednesday!
    KRISTIAN MOI (WWU Münster): Real algebraic K-theory and its traces

  • November 8th 2016
    no seminar

  • November 15th 2016
    SUNE PRECHT REEH (MIT, Cambridge, USA): Representations, dimension functions, and fusion systems

  • November 22nd 2016
    no seminar

  • November 29th 2016
    GIJSBERT SCHELTUS KAREL SEBASTIAAN HEUTS (University of Copenhagen, Denmark): Lie algebras and v_n-periodic spaces

  • December 6th 2016
    no seminar and Sankt Nikolaus wasn't even there either.

  • December 13st 2016
    EMANUELE DOTTO (Universität Bonn): Equivariant diagrams and functor calculus

  • SS2016

    • 19 April 2016
      DIARMUID CROWLEY (Aberdeen): Manifolds which are like the Associative Grassmannian

    • 26 April 2016
      ARTHUR BARTELS (Muenster): The Farrell-Jones Conjecture for Mapping Class Groups

    • 3 Mai 2016
      SAM NARIMAN (Muenster): On homology of diffeomorphism groups made discrete

    • 10 Mai 2016
      BEN ANTIEAU (Illinois): Negative and homotopy K-theory of ring spectra and extensions of the theorem of the heart

    • 24 Mai 2016
      MICHAEL WEISS (Muenster): Configuration categories of manifolds and some relations to topological embeddings

    • 31 Mai 2016
      MATTHIAS GREY (Bonn): On rational homological stability for automorphisms of manifolds

    • 7 Juni 2016
      RUDI ZEIDLER (Goettingen): Secondary coarse index theory for positive scalar curvature

    • 14 Juni 2016
      GREG ARONE (Stockholm): An EHP sequence of topological monoids

    • 21 Juni 2016 starts at 16:30 !
      ACHIM KRAUSE (Bonn): G_2/SO_4

    • 28 Juni 2016
      PAUL BALMER (UCLA): Separable extensions in stable homotopy theory

    • 5 Juli 2016
      MARCO VARISCO (Albany): Assembly maps for topological cyclic homology

    • 12 Juli 2016
      DANIELA EGAS SANTANDER (FU Berlin): Sullivan diagrams and homological stability

    • WS2015-2016

      • 27 October 2015
        VIKTORIYA OZORNOVA (Bonn): Fibrancy of Categories

      • 3 November 2015
        CARMEN ROVI (MPI): The signature modulo 8 of a fibration

      • 10 November 2015
        JAN STOVICEK (Prague): Reflection functors in abstract homotopy theory

      • 17 November 2015
        MORITZ GROTH (Bonn): Universal tilting modules via abstract homotopy theory

      • 24 November 2015
        WERNER THUMANN (MPI): Fundamental groups of discrete operads and their finiteness properties

      • 1 December 2015
        TYRONE CRISP (MPI): Parabolic induction, adjunction, and assembly

      • 8 December 2015
        PAUL KIRK (Indiana/MPI): Lagrangian-Floer homology of traceless SU(2) character varieties of tangle decompositions

      • 15 December 2015
        CLARK BARWICK (MIT): Cyclotomic spectra and the noncommutative syntomic realization

      • 12 January 2016
        LENNART MEIER (Bonn): Homotopy theory of relative categories

      • 19 January 2016
        No seminar due to the conference at MPI: Higher Structures in Geometry and Physics

      • 26 January 2016
        FABIAN HEBESTREIT (Bonn): Twisted spin cobordism and positive scalar curvature

      • 2 February 2016
        GEOFFROY HOREL (MPI): Motivic homological stability for configurations spaces of the affine line


      • 14 April 2015
        No seminar.

      • 21 April 2015
        MATTHIAS BLANK (Regensburg): Bounded Cohomology for Groupoids and Mapping Theorems

      • 28 April 2015
        No seminar.

      • From May onwards at HIM, Poppelsdorfer Allee 45.

      • 12 May 2015
        Introduction of the participants of the HIM Trimester program

      • The remaining program will be announced at the Web page of the HIM Trimester program: HIM Trimester page


      • 3 February 2015
        ULRICH BUNKE (Regensburg): Algebraic K-theory of smooth functions and index theory

      • 27 January 2015
        THOMAS NIKOLAUS (Bonn): Introduction to Topological Stacks

      • 13 January 2015
        MICHAEL GROECHENIG (Imperial College, London): The K-theory of Tate objects

      • 9 December 2014
        CRISTINA PAGLIANTINI (ETH Zurich): Simplicial volume vs integral foliated simplicial volume

      • 2 December 2014
        DANIEL KASPROWSKI (Bonn): On the K-theory of groups with finite decomposition complexity

      • 25 November 2014
        DAVID GEPNER (Purdue): Localization sequences in the algebraic K-theory of ring spectra

      • 18 November 2014
        TOBIAS DYCKERHOFF (Bonn): Topological Fukaya categories of surfaces

      • 11 November 2014
        MARK POWELL (MPI): Slice knots and Casson towers

      • 4 November 2014
        CLARA LOEH (Regensburg): Integral approximations of simplicial volume

      • 21 October 2014
        CHRISTIAN WEGNER (Bonn): The Farrell-Jones conjecture for solvable groups

      • 14 October 2014
        JEREMIAH HELLER (Bonn): Galois equivariance and motivic homotopy theory


      • 8 Juli 2014
        XIAOLEI WU (Binghamton): The Farrell-Jones Conjecture for the Baumslag-Solitar groups

      • 1 Juli 2014
        QAYUM KHAN (Indiana): Free transformations of S^1 \times S^n of prime period

      • 24 Juni 2014
        DANIELA EGAS (Kopenhagen): Comparing combinatorial models of Moduli space

      • 17 Juni 2014
        LENNART MEIER (Virginia): Homotopy Fixed Points of Landweber Exact Spectra

      • 27 Mai 2014
        BERNHARD HANKE (Augsburg): The moduli space of metrics of positive scalar curvature

      • 20 Mai 2014
        SEBASTIAN GOETTE (Freiburg): The Crowley-Nordström \nu-Invariant

      • 13 Mai 2014
        DIARMUID CROWLEY (Bonn): The extended Eells-Kuiper invariant and G_2-topology

      • 6 Mai 2014
        KRISTIAN JONSSON MOI (Kopenhagen): Deloopings in Real algabraic K-theory

      • 29 April 2014
        HANS-WERNER HENN (Strasbourg): On Hopkins' K(2)-local Picard groups

      • 15 April 2014
        WOLFGANG STEIMLE (Bonn): The space of metrics of positive scalar curvature


      • 28 Januar 2014
        KAROL SZUMILO (Bonn):Cofibration categories and quasicategories

      • 21 Januar 2014
        MATTHEW MORROW (Bonn): Continuity of topological cyclic homology

      • 14 Januar 2014
        RUTH KELLERHALS (Fribourg): Hyperbolic orbifolds of minimal volume

      • 7 Januar 2014
        MARTIN LUSTIG (Marseille): Fixed currents for hyperbolic automorphisms of free groups

      • 10 December 2013
        THOMAS NIKOLAUS (MPIM/Regensburg): T-Duality in K-theory and elliptic cohomology

      • 3 December 2013
        THOMAS SCHICK (Göttingen): Mapping the surgery exact sequence to analysis using higher index theory

      • 26 November 2013
        MARCUS ZIBROWIUS (Wuppertal): KO-Theory of Thom Spaces over Flag Manifolds

      • 19 November 2013
        HAGGAI TENE (Bonn): On the product in negative Tate cohomology

      • 12 November 2013
        MARCEL BOEKSTEDT (Aarhus): Configuration spaces and symmetric powers of surfaces

      • 29 Oktober 2013
        DAVID AYALA (USC): Poincare Koszul duality

      • 22 Oktober 2013
        HOLGER KAMMEYER (Bonn): L^2-invariants of nonuniform lattices in semisimple Lie groups


      • 16 July 2013
        David Gepner (REGENSBURG): Moduli stacks of modules for associative ring spectra

      • 9 July 2013
        Filipp Levikov (MUENSTER): (Completed) cyclotomic trace and quadratic L-theory

      • 2 July 2013
        Gereon Quick (MUENSTER): Hodge filtered complex bordism

      • 25 June 2013
        Dieter Degrijse (LEUVEN): Bredon cohomological dimensions for proper actions and Mackey functors

      • 18 June 2013
        Fabian Lenhardt (BERLIN): The Baum-Connes conjecture for topologists

      • 11 June 2013
        Greg Arone (VIRGINIA): The equivariant homology of the partition poset, revisited.

      • 4 June 2013
        Manuel Amann (KARLSRUHE): Topological properties of positively curved manifolds with symmetry

      • 28 May 2013
        No seminar because of the Arbeitstagung.

      • 14 May 2013
        The seminar slot is taken by a talk at MPI by Jim Conant/Rob Schneidermann about Whitney towers.

      • 7 May 2013
        Alejandro Adem (UBC, VANCOUVER): Homotopy Colimits and a Classifying Space for Commutativity
        Eric Friedlander (USC, LOS ANGELES): Support Varieties for Rational G-modules

      • 23 April 2013
        Holger Reich (FU BERLIN): Algebraic K-Theory of Group Rings and Topological Cyclic Homology

      • 16 April 2013
        Roman Sauer (KARLSRUHE): L^2-invisibility and self-similar groups

      • 9 April 2013
        Moritz Rodenhausen (BONN): Centralisers of polynomially growing automorphisms of free groups


      • 29 January 2013
        ANSSI LAHTINEN (Copenhagen): String topology of classifying spaces

      • 22 January 2013
        At 16:00 ILYA GRIGORIEV (Stanford): Relations among characteristic classes of manifold bundles
        At 17:00 VIKTORIYA OZORNOVA (Bonn): On the K(\pi, 1)-conjecture for Artin groups

      • 15 January 2013
        GIOVANNI GANDINI (Bonn): Finiteness properties of groups

      • 8 January 2013
        Instead of the seminar there is the first talk in the series by MICHAEL FREEDMAN with the title
        "Bing topology and Casson handles" at MPI (broadcast from UC Santa Barbara).

      • 11 December 2012
        ALEXANDER KUPERS (Stanford): String topology and radial slit configurations

      • 4 December 2012
        SPIROS ADAMS-FLOROU (Muenster): Subdivision and squeezing

      • 27 November 2012
        CHRIS SCHOMMER-PRIES (MPI): The Unicity of the homotopy theory of higher categories

      • 20 November 2012
        CHRISTIAN SCHLICHTKRULL (Bergen): Logarithmic topological Hochschild homology

      • 13 November 2012
        CONSTANZE ROITZHEIM (Kent): Modular Rigidity of E-local Spectra

      • 6 November 2012
        HENRIK RUEPING (Bonn): The Farrell-Jones conjecture for some general linear groups

      • 30 Oktober 2012
        BERNARDO URIBE (Bonn): Universal twist in equivariant K-theory for proper and discrete actions

      • 23 Oktober 2012
        DIETMAR BISCH (Vanderbilt): Subfactors with small Jones index

      • 16 October 2012
        DAVID BLANC (Haifa): Higher track categories & derived functors and the Adams spectral sequence

      • 9 October 2012
        WOLFGANG STEIMLE (Bonn): Approximate Fibrations and Farrell-Jones Conjectures


      • 10 July 2012
        LARS HESSELHOLT (Nagoya, Copenhagen): Real algebraic K-theory

      • 3 July 2012
        ANTONIO SARTORI (Bonn): From Khovanov homology towards gl(1|1) categorification

      • 26 June 2012
        no semiar (because of conferences in Berlin and Luminy)

      • 19 June 2012
        TIMO SCHÜRG (MPIM): A quick introduction to derived algebraic geometry

      • 12 June 2012
        16:45-17:45: SØREN GALATIUS (Stanford, Copenhagen): Homological stability for moduli spaces of manifolds
        17:45-18:15: tea break
        18:15-19:15: ULRIKE TILLMANN (Oxford): From braid groups to mapping class groups
      • 5 June 2012
        ANTONIO SARTORI (Bonn): – talk is postponed –

      • 22 May 2012
        STEFFEN SAGAVE (Bonn): Logarithmic structures on K-theory spectra

      • 15 May 2012
        WILHELM SINGHOF (Düsseldorf): On the mapping class groups of non-orientable surfaces

      • 8 May 2012
        ANDY BAKER (Glasgow): BP: close encounters of the E-infinity kind

      • 1 May 2012
        no seminar (public holiday)

      • 24 April 2012
        CLEMENS BERGER (Nice, MPIM): Lifting left properness to monoids and related structures

      • 17 April 2012
        MICHAEL BATANIN (Sydney, MPIM): Colimits of algebras over polynomial monads

      • 10 April 2012
        STEFAN FRIEDL (Köln): Agol's theorem - is the end of 3-manifold topology near?

      • 3 April 2012
        DANIEL JUAN-PINEDA (CCM-UNAM): The K-theoretic Farrell-Jones Conjecture for braid groups


      • 31 January 2012
        TILMAN BAUER (Amsterdam): Unstable cohomology operations and formal plethories

      • 24 January 2012
        ALEXANDER HEß (Bonn): Factorable groups, homology, and applications to generalized Thompson groups

      • 17 January 2012
        LENNART MEIER (Bonn): Module spectra over real K-theory and TMF

      • 10 January 2012
        MARTIN LANGER (Bonn): On the cohomology of certain crystallographic groups

      • 13 December 2011
        NOE BARCENAS (Bonn): Stable cohomotopy and an observation in analysis

      • 6 December 2011
        MARTIN FLUCH (Bielefeld): Classifying spaces with virtually cyclic stabilisers for certain infinite cyclic extensions

      • 29 November 2011
        RUI REIS (Bonn): Manifold calculus and Vassiliev's h-principle

      • 22 November 2011
        PATRICK DEHORNOY (Caen): News from Garside theory

      • 15 November 2011
        BIRGIT RICHTER (Hamburg): Determinants and higher divided powers

      • 8 November 2011
        DAVID ROSENTHAL (St. John's University): Coarse Structures on Groups

      • 1 November 2011
        no seminar (public holiday)

      • 25 October 2011
        MICHAEL JOACHIM (Münster): On the Gromov-Lawson-Rosenberg Conjecture for specific finite groups

      • 18 October 2011
        IRAKLI PATCHKORIA (Bonn): On the algebraic classification of module spectra

      • 11 October 2011
        WILLIAM G. DWYER (Notre Dame, MPI): Bockstein Algebras


      • 12 July 2011
        XIN LI (MÜNSTER): K-theory for C*-algebras attached to rings, groups and semigroups

      • 5 July 2011
        DAVID GEPNER (Regensburg): Multiplicative transformations of additive invariants and the uniqueness of the cyclotomic trace

      • 28 June 2011
        HARRY ULLMAN (Sheffield): The equivariant stable homotopy theory of isometries

      • 21 June 2011
        THOMAS M. FIORE (University of Michigan-Dearborn, MPIM): Euler Characteristics of Categories and Homotopy Colimits

      • 14 June 2011
        no seminar (because of Pentecost holidays)

      • 7 June 2011
        no seminar (because of the summer school Algebra, Topology and Fjords)

      • 31 May 2011
        NILES JOHNSON (University of Georgia, MPIM): Homotopical Brauer Groups

      • 24 May 2011
        QAYUM KHAN (Notre Dame): Involutions on tori with isolated fixed points

      • 17 May 2011
        DIARMUID CROWLEY (HIM Bonn): Some new calculations for the Gromoll filtration

      • 10 May 2011
        ANDY BAKER (Glasgow): Loop spaces with polynomial cohomology

      • 3 May 2011
        GEORGIOS RAPTIS (Osnabrück): Derivator K-Theory

      • 26 April 2011
        JOHANNES EBERT (Bonn): The h-principle for spaces of long manifolds, K-homology and the Atiyah-Singer Index formula

      • 19 April 2011
        CLARA LÖH (Regensburg): Functorial semi-norms on singular homology and (in)flexible manifolds

      • 12 April 2011
        JUSTIN NOEL (MPIM Bonn): \pi_*^C HZ: some elementary computations in equivariant (Bredon) homology and cohomology

      • 5 April 2011
        no seminar (because of an administrative meeting)


      • 25 January 2011
        ARKADIY SKOPENKOV (Moscow State University and the Independent University of Moscow): The classification of embeddings below the metastable dimension

      • 18 January 2011
        VESNA STOJANOSKA (Northwestern): Duality and topological modular forms

      • 11 January 2011
        PAVLE BLAGOJEVIC (Belgrad): From Grünbaum mass partition problems to the equivariant stable topology

      • 14 December 2010
        WOLFGANG STEIMLE (Bonn): Obstructions to stably fibering manifolds

      • 7 December 2010
        WOLFGANG LÜCK (Bonn): Constructing infinite, finitely generated, residually finite torsion groups with positive first L^2-Betti number

      • 30 November 2010
        CHRISTIAN WEGNER (Bonn): The K-theoretic Farrell-Jones conjecture for CAT(0)-groups

      • 23 November 2010
        CHRISTIAN KASSEL (Strasbourg): A cohomological invariant for groups coming from quantum group theory

      • 16 November 2010
        TIBOR MACKO (Bonn): The additivity of the rho-invariant and periodicity in topological surgery

      • 9 November 2010
        BRUNO VALLETTE (Université de Nice, MPIM): Homotopy Batalin-Vilkovisky algebras

      • 2 November 2010
        MARTIN STOLZ (Bergen): Equivariant structures for smash powers

      • 26 October 2010
        MARTIN LANGER (Bonn): Dyer-Lashof operations in Tate cohomology of finite groups

      • 19 October 2010
        – kein Vortrag wegen Hirzebruch-Vorlesung –

      • 12 October 2010
        ANDREW RANICKI (Edinburgh, MPIM): Aspects of quadratic forms in the work of Hirzebruch and Atiyah – the director's cut


      • 20 July 2010
        CONSTANZE ROITZHEIM (Glasgow): Monoidality of Exotic Models

      • 13 July 2010
        JOHN HARPER (Lausanne): On a Whitehead theorem for topological Quillen homology of algebras and modules over operads

      • 6 July 2010
        JOHN KLEIN (Wayne State): Smoothing Theory Revisited

      • 29 June 2010
        STEFAN GILLE (LMU München, Bonn): Chow motives and Rost nilpotence

      • 22 June 2010
        HANS-WERNER HENN (Strasbourg): The rational homotopy of the K(2)-local sphere and the chromatic splitting conjecture for the prime 3 and level 2

      • 15 June 2010
        CRAIG WESTERLAND (Melbourne): The stable topology of moduli spaces of principal bundles

      • 8 June 2010
        LIONEL SCHWARTZ (Paris): A formula of G. Andrews and stable homotopy theory

      • 1 June 2010
        CHRISTIAN SCHLICHTKRULL (Bergen): Higher topological Hochschild homology of Thom spectra

      • 25 May 2010
        no seminar (Pentecost)

      • 18 May 2010
        BERNHARD HANKE (TU München): Große und kleine Gruppenhomologie

      • 11 May 2010
        MIA DOLLERUP (Aarhus, Bonn): Topological K-theory of the free loop space of a projective space

      • 4 May 2010
        STEFFEN SAGAVE (Bonn): Group completion of structured diagram spaces

      • 27 April 2010
        SØREN BOLDSEN (Bonn): Improved homological stability for mapping class groups

      • 20 April 2010
        DON STANLEY (Regina, MPIM): Complete invariants of t-structures

      • 13 April 2010
        MICHAEL EISERMANN (Stuttgart): Invarianten endlichen Typs von Knoten und Flächen im Raum


      • 2 February 2010,
        MARTIN OLBERMANN (MPIM): Involutions with half-dimensional fixed point set (in particular on S^6)

      • 26 January 2010,
        RALPH COHEN (Stanford): String topology, field theories and Hochschild homology.

      • 19 January 2010,
        DAVID AYALA (Copenhagen): Geometric cobordism categories.

      • 12 January 2010,
        no seminar.

      • 22 December 2009,
        no seminar.

      • 15 December 2009,
        JUSTIN NOEL (Strasbourg): The chromatic filtration and rigidifying E-infinity structures up to homotopy.

      • 8 December 2009,
        TEIMURAZ PIRASHVILI (Leicester, MPIM): Hochschild cohomology and triangulated categories.

      • 1 December 2009,
        BENOIT FRESSE (Lille): Modules over operads, iterated bar complexes and homology theories.

      • 24 November 2009,
        no seminar (Workshop on Rigidity at the HIM).

      • 17 November 2009,
        MATTHIAS WENDT (Freiburg): A1-Homotopy Theory and Algebraic Groups.

      • 10 November 2009,
        WOLFGANG LÜCK (Münster): Introduction to and new results about the Farrell-Jones Conjecture.

      • 3 November 2009,
        DIERK SCHLEICHER (Jacobs-University Bremen): A question of Euler and a generalization of a Theorem of Thurston concerning iterations of transcendental maps.

      • 27 October 2009,
        STEFFEN SAGAVE (Bonn): Algebraic K-theory of logarithmic S-algebras.

      • 20 October 2009,
        KONRAD WALDORF (Berkeley, MPIM): Multiplicative Gerbes and Chern-Simons Theory.

      • 13 October 2009,
        TAKUYA SAKASAI (Tokyo Institute of Technology): Lagrangian mapping class groups from group homological point of view.


      • 21 July 2009,
        STEFAN BAUER (Bielefeld): Eigentliche Abbildungen zwischen Fréchet-Räumen.

      • 14 July 2009,
        PETER TEICHNER (University of California, MPIM Bonn): Field theory and cohomology.

      • 7 July 2009,
        JEFFREY GIANSIRACUSA (Oxford): Framed 2-discs, formality, and handlebodies.

      • 30 June 2009,
        JOHN R. KLEIN (Wayne State University): Periodicity and duality.

      • 23 June 2009,
        RICK JARDINE (University of Western Ontario): Pointed torsors and Galois groups.

      • 16 June 2009,
        RAINER VOGT (Osnabrück): The classifying space functor as a derived left adjoint and applications.

      • 26 May 2009,
        GERALD GAUDENS (Bonn): Structural properties of the cohomology of spaces.

      • 19 May 2009,
        MATTHIAS KRECK (HIM Bonn): Exotic spheres and the Kervaire invariant.

      • 12 May 2009,
        OSCAR RANDAL-WILLIAMS (Oxford): Monoids of moduli spaces of manifolds.

      • 5 May 2009,
        MARKUS BANAGL (Heidelberg): Singuläre Räume, Poincaré-Komplexe und Stringtheorie.

      • 21 April 2009,
        JÉRÔME SCHERER (UA Barcelona/MPIM): Model approximations and homological algebra.

      • 14 April 2009,
        IAN HAMBLETON (McMaster, MPIM): The surgery assembly map and KO-homology.


      • 3 February 2009,
        HAAKON BERGSAKER (Oslo): The multiplicative structure of the topological cyclic homology of the sphere spectrum.

      • 27 January 2009,
        ARNE WEINER (Bonn): Morita theory of stable model categories via naive ring spectra.

      • 20 January 2009,
        ANDRES ANGEL (Bonn): Cobordism of orbifolds.

      • 13 January 2009,
        ERIK PEDERSEN (Copenhagen): Assembly maps.

      • 6 January 2009,
        HANNO VON BODECKER (Bochum): On the f-invariant - an index theoretical approach.

      • 16 December 2008,
        ULRICH BUNKE (Regensburg): Axiomatics and uniqueness for smooth cohomology theories.

      • 9 December 2008,
        BRITA NUCINKIS (Southampton): Cohomological finiteness conditions in soluble groups.

      • 2 December 2008,
        CHRISTOPHE CAZANAVE (Polytechnique/Paris 13): Homotopy theory of Atiyah-Hitchin schemes.

      • 25 November 2008,
        CHRISTIAN BÄR (Potsdam): Fiber integration for Cheeger-Simons characters.

      • 18 November 2008,
        MARCO SCHLICHTING (Baton Rouge/MPI Bonn): The Mayer-Vietoris principle for higher Grothendieck-Witt groups of schemes.

      • 11 November 2008,
        DANIEL MÜLLNER (Bonn): Construction of chiral manifolds.

      • 4 November 2008,
        JOHANNES EBERT (Bonn): Index theory and Madsen-Tillmann spectra.

      • 28 October 2008,
        OLIVER BAUES (Karlsruhe/Bonn): Aspherical homogeneous manifolds.

      • 21 October 2008,
        JOHN HARPER (Notre Dame/EPFL): Bar constructions and Quillen homology of modules over operads.

      • 14 October 2008,
        GEREON QUICK (Münster): Etale Homotopietheorie.


      • 15 July 2008,
        GONCALO TABUADA (Lisboa): Higher K-theory via universal invariants.

      • 8 July 2008,
        TAKUJI KASHIWABARA (Institut Fourier, Grenoble): K*Σ X;Z/p) as a functor of K*(X).

      • 1 July 2008,
        QAYUM KHAN (Vanderbilt): The Nil-Nil theorem in algebraic K-theory.

      • 10 June 2008,
        NIKO NAUMANN (Regensburg): Motivic Landweber exactness.

      • 3 June 2008,
        ARKADIY SKOPENKOV (Moscow State and Independent University Moscow): Embeddings of non-simply connected 4-manifolds in 7-space.

      • 20 May 2008,
        ARTHUR BARTELS (Münster): Topological rigidity for CAT(0)-groups.

      • 13 May 2008,
        No seminar.

      • 6 May 2008,
        PASCAL LAMBRECHTS (Louvain): Rational homology of embedding spaces.

      • 29 April 2008,
        MARKUS SPITZWECK (Regensburg): Slices of motivic Landweber spectra.

      • 22 April 2008,
        SADOK KALLEL (Lille, MPIM): The Topology of Finite Subset Spaces.

      • 15 April 2008,
        PAOLO SALVATORE (Roma 2 Tor Vergata): A topological version of the cyclic Deligne conjecture.

      • 8 April 2008,
        BJØRN JAHREN (Oslo): Free topological involutions on S1 x Sn.


      • 5 February 2008,
        MAX KAROUBI (Jussieu): Twisted K-theory, old and new.

      • 29 January 2008,
        CHRISTIAN AUSONI (Bonn): On rational algebraic K-theory.

      • 22 January 2008,
        JULIA SINGER (Bonn): Commutative multiplications on Moore spectra.

      • 15 January 2008,
        DAVID ROSENTHAL (St. John's University): On the algebraic K-theory of groups with finite asymptotic dimension.

      • 18 December 2007,
        JEAN FASEL (EPFL Lausanne): Euler classes of algebraic vector bundles.

      • 11 December 2007,
        CLARK BARWICK (University of Oslo): Operator categories for homotopy coherent algebra.

      • 4 December 2007,
        ANDREW RANICKI (University of Edinburgh): A composition formula for manifold structures.

      • 27 November 2007,
        IAN HAMBLETON (McMaster University): Aspherical 2-complexes and 4-manifolds

      • 20 November 2007,
        NAFAA CHBILI (Monastir University / MPIM Bonn): On equivariant Khovanov homology.

      • 6 November 2007,
        TIBOR MACKO (Universität Münster): On fake lens spaces.

      • 30 October 2007,
        CLARA LÖH (Universität Münster): Isomorphisms in l1-homology.

      • 23 October 2007,
        MICHAEL POLYAK (Technion, Haifa / MPIM Bonn): Lines intersecting knots and finite type knot invariants.

      • 16 October 2007,
        GEORG BIEDERMANN (MPIM Bonn): Homotopy nilpotent groups.


      • 10 July 2007,
        RALPH KAUFMANN (University of Connecticut / MPIM): Graphen, Operaden und deren Algebren.

      • 3 July 2007,
        DAVID BARNES (University of Sheffield): An Algebraic Model for Rational O(2)-Equivariant Spectra.

      • 26 June 2007,
        STEFFEN SAGAVE (University of Oslo): Higher multiplicative structures in the homology of differential graded algebras.

      • 19 June 2007,
        JOHANNES EBERT (University of Oxford): On the homology of the Deligne-Mumford space.

      • 12 June 2007,
        JOACHIM GRUNEWALD (Universität Bonn): Operations on Nil-terms.

      • 5 June 2007,
        ANDREAS HEIDER (Universität Bonn): One or two results from Morita theory of stable model categories.

      • 22 May 2007,
        FRANÇOIS-XAVIER DEHON (Université de Nice): Unstable algebras, generalized cohomology theories, and realizability problems.

      • 15 May 2007,
        BIRGIT RICHTER (Universität Hamburg): K-Theorie bipermutativer Kategorien und virtuelle 2-Vektorbündel.

      • 8 May 2007,
        VOLKER PUPPE (Universität Konstanz): Involutionen auf 3-Mannigfaltigkeiten und binäre, selbstduale Codes

      • 24 April 2007,
        GREGORY ARONE (University of Virginia, MPIM): Chain rule in calculus of functors.

      • 17 April 2007,
        PASCAL LAMBRECHTS (Université Catholique de Louvain): The rational homology of spaces of smooth embeddings from two calculi of functors viewpoint.

      • 10 April 2007,
        DIARMUID CROWLEY (Universität Bonn): Automorphisms of odd dimensional manifolds and l2q+1(Z[π]).

      • 3 April 2007,
        WOLFGANG LÜCK (Universität Münster): The Farrell-Jones Conjecture and its applications.


      • 6 February 2007,
        GEOFFREY POWELL (Université Paris 13): The Singer functors revisited

      • 30 January 2007,
        HOSSEIN ABBASPOUR (MPIM): String Topology, from a symplectic point of view

      • 23 January 2007,
        CARSTEN SCHULTZ (TU Berlin): Kohomologieringe komplexer Unterraumarrangements

      • 16 January 2007,
        MATTHIAS KRECK (Universität Bonn): Äquivariante Kohomologie und Poincaré Dualität

      • 9 January 2007,
        HANS-WERNER HENN (Université de Strasbourg): K(2)-local homotopy theory at the prime 2

      • 19 December 2006,
        MARKUS BANAGL (Universität Heildelberg): Jüngste Entwicklungen in der Schnitthomologie

      • 12 December 2006,
        THOMAS M. FIORE (University of Chicago): Jacobians of Riemann Surfaces with Parametrized Boundary

      • 5 December 2006,
        OLIVER RÖNDIGS (Universität Osnabrück): The motivic J-homomorphism

      • 28 November 2006,
        CONSTANZE ROITZHEIM (Universität Bonn): Starrheit der K-lokalen stabilen Homotopiekategorie

      • 21 November 2006,
        NASKO KARAMANOV (MPIM): On K(2) local homotopy theory and Hopkins Picard Group Pic_2

      • 14 November 2006,
        AURÉLIEN DJAMENT (Université Paris 13): Grassmannsche Funktorkategorien und Krullfiltrierung

      • 7 November 2006,
        MARTIN MARKL (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic): Natural differential operators and graph complexes

      • 31 October 2006,
        JENNIFER SCHULTENS (University of California at Davis, MPIM): Stabilisierung und Amalgamation von Heegaardzerlegungen

      • 24 October 2006,
        BEN C. WALTER (University of Purdue, MPIM): Lie coalgebras of graphs


      • 11 July 2006,
        KEIVAN MALLAHI-KARAI (Universität Bonn): Relative growth of subgroups in arithmetic groups

      • 4 July 2006,
        JUAN WANG (Universität Bonn): An unstable splitting of the free loop space of a suspension

      • 27 June 2006,
        GAEL COLLINET (Université de Strasbourg): On the homology of the group G2(Z[1/2])

      • 20 June 2006,
        JOHN R. KLEIN (Wayne State University): Strings, Poincare duality and homotopy invariance

      • 13 June 2006,
        FRITZ GRUNEWALD (Universität Düsseldorf): Linear representations of the automorphism group of a free group and of the mapping class group

      • 30 May 2006,
        GERD LAURES (Universität Bochum): Bordism-like theories

      • 23 May 2006,
        BERNARDO URIBE (Universitad de los Andes): Orbifold string topology

      • 16 May 2006,
        ANDREAS THOM (Universität Göttingen): L2 Betti numbers and cohomology for von Neumann algebras

      • 9 May 2006,
        CHRISTOPH LAMM: Dedekind-Summen und Knotentheorie

      • 2 May 2006,
        URS SCHREIBER (Universität Hamburg): On the String 2-Group

      • 25 April 2006,
        MIGUEL XICOTENCATL (Cinestav, Mexico - Universität Bonn): Computations and operations in orbifold string topology

      • 18 April 2006,
        JEFFREY GIANSIRACUSA (Oxford University): Mapping class groups of 4-manifolds


      • 7 February 2006,
        RICHARD WEIDMANN (Universität Frankfurt): Faltungen und Nielsen-Äquivalenz

      • 31 January 2006,
        CHRISTINE VESPA (University Paris 13): The functor category Fquad associated to quadratic spaces over F2

      • 24 January 2006,
        IMMA GALVEZ CARILLO (London Metropolitan University): Witten genus and quasimodular forms

      • 17 January 2006,
        TIBOR MACKO (Universität Münster): Automorphism spaces of projective spaces and lens spaces

      • 10 January 2006,
        BENJAMIN HIMPEL (Universität Bonn) : The spectral flow of the odd signature operator coupled to a path of connections

      • 13 December 2005,
        ANDRE HENRIQUEZ (Universität Münster): A Lie algebra for the String group

      • 6 December 2005,
        RAINER VOGT (Universität Osnabrück): Interchange, En-spaces, and applications

      • 29 November 2005,
        JOACHIM GRUNEWALD (Universität Münster): The behavior of Nil-Groups under Localization

      • 22 November 2005,
        ARNE WEINER (Universität Bonn) : Symmetric Spectra and Morava K-theories

      • 15 November 2005,
        MATTHIAS KÜNZER (RWTH Aachen): Heller triangulated categories

      • 8 November 2005,
        DAVE BENSON (University of Aberdeen) : Cohomology of groups and duality

      • 25 October 2005,
        JENS HORNBOSTEL (Universität Regensburg) : Beta-elements and divided congruences

      • 18 October 2005,
        RYAN BUDNEY (MIPM) : Topology of spaces of knots in dimension 3


      • 12 July 2005,
        DAVID J. GREEN (Universität Wuppertal) : Computing cohomology rings of finite groups

      • 5 July 2005,
        CONSTANTIN TELEMAN (University of Cambridge) : 2D Semi-simple Topological Field Theories

      • 28 June 2005,
        MIGUEL XICOTENCATL (Cinestav, Mexico - Universität Bonn) : Orbifold String Topology

      • 21 June 2005,
        PAUL GOERSS (Northwestern University) : Filtrations of the moduli space of formal groups and the stable homotopy groups of spheres

      • 7 June 2005,
        ROLAND FRIEDRICH (MPIM, Bonn) : From moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces to random paths

      • 31 May 2005,
        GEORG BIEDERMANN (University of Western Ontario) : Homotopy theory of functors

      • 24 May 2005,
        TEIMURAZ PIRASHVILI (Razmadze Mathematical Institute / Bielefeld / MPIM Bonn) : Comparison between Hochschild, Shukla and MacLane cohomology

      • 10 May 2005,
        HANS-WERNER HENN (Université Strasbourg, MPIM) : Picard groups in K(1)-local and K(2)-local homotopy theory

      • 3 May 2005,
        DAVID CHATAUR (Université de Lille 1) : On a mod-p analogue of the Bousfield-Peterson-Smith spectral sequence

      • 26 April 2005,
        NORA GANTER (Uni. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) : Orbifold Geschlechter und K(n)-lokale Spektren

      • 19 April 2005,
        FERNANDO MURO (MPIM Bonn) : The localization theorem in cohomology of categories

      • 12 April 2005,
        JEAN-PHILIPPE JOURDAN (Université de Lille 1) : Homotopy invariance of configuration spaces

      • 29 March 2005,
        MARK BEHRENS (MIT) : Buildings, Elliptic curves, and the stable homotopy groups of spheres


      • 9. February 2005,
        FERIT DENIZ (Universität Köln) : Lie Gruppen vom topologischen Standpunkt

      • 1. February 2005,
        FRIDOLIN ROTH (Universität Bonn) : Lusternik-Schnirelman-Category and Euclidean configuration spaces

      • 24. January 2005,
        ELKE MARKERT (Notre Dame) : Ein Spektrum für ko aus euklidischen Quantum Feldtheorien

      • 18. January 2005,
        MARTIN LANGER (Universität Bonn) : Realizability of modules over Tate cohomology

      • 11. January 2005,
        THOMAS BARTSCH (Universität Giessen) : Konfigurationsräume, Transfer, und Lösungen nichtlinearer partieller Differentialgleichungen

      • 21. December 2004,
        BALAZS VISY (Universität Bonn) : Graph complexes

      • 14. December 2004,
        MARCO SCHMIDT (Universität Münster) : Simplicial Volume and L2-Betti Numbers

      • 7. December 2004,
        DMITRI PANOV (MPIM Bonn) : Polyhedral Kaehler Manifolds

      • 30. November 2004,
        MARTIN LUSTIG (Université d'Aix-Marseille III/MPIM Bonn) : Teichmüller-Geodätische im Culler-Vogtmann-Raum via Faltungen von train tracks

      • 23. November 2004,
        BJÖRN SCHUSTER (Universität Wuppertal) : Morava K-theory of classifying spaces

      • 16. November 2004,
        HENNING KRAUSE (Universität Padderborn) : Smashing localizations and the algebraic telescope conjecture

      • 9. November 2004,
        ERWANN LANNEAU (MPIM Bonn) : Moduli spaces of quadratic differentials

      • 2. November 2004,
        MARKUS SZYMIK (Universität Bochum) : Symmetries of 4-manifolds

      • 26. October 2004,
        OLIVER ROENDIGS (Universität Bielefeld) : Modules over motivic cohomology

      • 19. October 2004,
        SEMEN SADETOV (Don State Technical University) : The symplectic structure of Beresin-Kirillov-Kostant-Souriau on the orbits of the coadjoint representation is the differntial of a rational 1-form

      • 12. October 2004,
        DAN BURGHELEA (Ohio-State/MPIM Bonn) : An invariant for non simply connected manifolds


      • 27. Juli 2004,
        FRANÇOIS-XAVIER DEHON (Nice): Cohomology of mapping spaces and division functors : an overview

      • 20. Juli 2004,
        MICHAEL FARBER (Durham/MPI): Topology of configuration spaces and problems of robotics

      • 13. Juli 2004,
        WALTER NEUMANN: 3-Manifolds and singularities of splice type

      • 6. Juli 2004,
        CHRISTINE LESCOP (UJF Grenoble): Vassiliev invariants and Chern-Simons-Theory

      • 29. Juni 2004,
        JOCHEN ABHAU (Bonn): Berechnungen der Homologie von Abbildungsklassengruppen und Modulräumen Riemmannscher Flächen

      • 15. Juni 2004,
        ALEXANDER NENASHEV (Bielefeld): On the Witt groups of projective bundles: geometric reasoning

      • 8. Juni 2004,
        GEORG BIEDERMANN (Bonn): Interpolation categories of homology theories

      • 25. May 2004,
        BERNARDO URIBE (U. Michigan/z.ZT. MPI): Differential characters on orbifolds and string connections

      • 18. May 2004,
        MAMUKA JIBLADZE (MPI Bonn): Secondary derived functors and the E3 term of the Adams spectral sequence

      • 11. May 2004,
        JOHN ROGNES (Oslo): A homological approach to topological cyclic theory

      • 4. May 2004,
        CARL-FRIEDRICH BÖDIGHEIMER (Bonn): Goodwillie derivative of the identity functor

      • 27. April 2004,
        OTMAR VENJAKOB (Heidelberg): Charakteristische Elemente in nicht-kommutativer Iwasawa-Theorie


      • 3. February 2004,
        JAN SCHRÖER (Leeds): Irreduzible Komponenten von Modulvarietäten

      • 27. January 2004,
        STEFFEN SAGAVE (Bonn): Algebraische K-Theorie von Modellkategorien

      • 20. January 2004,
        GUNTHER KRAUSS (Bonn): Symmetrische Produkte von lokalen Koeffizientensystemen

      • 13. January 2004,
        BENOIT FRESSE (Lille): The bar construction of an E-infinity algebra

      • 16. December 2003,
        JULIA SINGER (Münster): Analogien zwischen Knotentheorie und Iwasawatheorie

      • 9. December 2003,
        LUC MENICHI (Angers): Batalin-Vilkovisky algebras and cyclic cohomology of Hopf algebras

      • 2. December 2003,
        JOHANNES EBERT (Bonn): On the moduli space of abelian differentials

      • 25. November 2003,
        FRANK HERRLICH (Karlsruhe): Origamikurven in Modulräumen

      • 18. November 2003,
        SADOK KALLEL (Lille): Rational maps, Configurations and String Topology

      • 11. November 2003,
        C. B. THOMAS (Cambridge/MPI): Contact structures on Fake Lens Spaces

      • 4. November 2003,
        GERALD GAUDENS (Bonn): Results on N. Kuhn's realization conjectures

      • 28. October 2003,
        MICHAEL JOACHIM (Bonn): On the Gromov-Lawson-Rosenberg Conjecture for (Z/2)^2

      • 21. October 2003,
        TORSTEN LANGER: Das Pontrjagin-Produkt in der Homologie des Abbildungsraumes vom Torus in die 3-Sphäre


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