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This page displays the schedule for the Topology Seminar at the Mathematical Institute.

The seminar takes place on Tuesdays in seminar room 1.008 at the Mathematical Institute, Endenicher Allee 60, from 5:00 to 6:00 pm. Tea and cookies will be served in the Hausdorff space right before the seminar at 4:30 pm.
The program of previous semesters is here. If you are interested in giving a talk or want to suggest a speaker, please contact the organiser.


  • April 9th
    Mark Powell (Durham University, England): The sphere embedding theorem
  • April 16th
    Giles Gardam (WWU Münster): Boundaries of hyperbolic and CAT(0) groups and Cannon-Thurston maps
  • April 23rd
    Johan Konter (Stockholms Universitet, Sweden): Homology of infinite loop spaces
  • April 30th
    Tyler Lawson (MPIM, Bonn / University of Minnesota, Minneapolis-St. Paul, USA): Adjoining roots in algebra and topology
  • May 7th
    Andrew Baker (University of Glasgow, Scotland): Stable Homotopy of CW R-modules
  • May 14th
    Markus Land (Universität Regensburg): On the K-theory of pullbacks
  • May 21st
    Andrea Bianchi (RFWU Bonn): Splitting of the homology of the punctured mapping class group
  • May 28th
    Christoph Winges (RFWU Bonn): Coarse homology theories and assembly maps
  • June 4th
    Irakli Patchkoria (University of Aberdeen, Scotland): Proper equivariant stable homotopy theory
  • June 11th
    no seminar (Pentecost)

  • June 18th
    Gijsbert Scheltus Karel Sebastiaan Heuts (Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands): Koszul duality in v_n-periodic homotopy theory
  • June 25th
    Mario Salvetti (Univerisità di Pisa, Italy): Cohomology of superelliptic families and complex braid groups
  • July 2nd
    Jesper Grodal (Københavns Universitet, Denmark): String topology of finite groups of Lie type
  • July 9th
    Joost Nuiten (Université de Montpellier, France): A van Est theorem in derived geometry