Young set theory workshop. Haus Annaberg in Bonn, 21-25 January 2008


Below is a list of the people who participated in the workshop, and on the right a list of the invited speakers.

Every name is a link to this person's research statement if it is available. The titles of the talks next to the speakers are links to the abstracts.

Registered participants

Piotr Borodulin-Nadzieja (Wroclaw)
Andrew Brooke-Taylor (Bristol)
Merlin Carl (Bonn)
Neus Castells (Barcelona)
Barnaby Dawson (Bristol)
Andreas Fackler (Munich)
Barnabás Farkas (Budapest)
Szymon Głąb (Lodz)
Radek Honzik (Prague)
Daisuke Ikegami (Amsterdam)
Paweł Kawa (Wrocław)
Juliette Kennedy (Helsinki)
Lauri Keskinen (Amsterdam)
Yurii Khomskii (Amsterdam)
Peter Koepke (Bonn)
Tamás Mátrai (Budapest)
Sheila Miller (New York)
Miguel Angel Mota (Barcelona)
Luís Pereira (Lisbon)
Alexander Primavesi (Norwich)
Marcin Sabok (Wrocław)
Philipp Schlicht (Münster)
David Schrittesser (Vienna)
Brian Semmes (Amsterdam)
Lutz Strüngmann (Duisburg-Essen and Bonn)
Christoph Weiß (Munich)

The diplom students of Bonn's mathematical logic group also attended the workshop:
Dörthe Arndt, Tim Fischbach, Dominik Klein, Daniel Kühlwein, Miriam Nasfi, Karen Räsch, Benjamin Seyfferth, Nicolas Vandenbergen, and Gregor Weckbecker.


The invited tutorial speakers were chosen to represent one of the branches of set theory based on their work in the field and based on their ability to interact with, support, and encourage young people. The invited post-doc speakers gave talks about the latest research in their specific subject.

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