Foundations of Representation Theory (V3A3/F4A1), Winter 2018/2019

Lecturer: Hans Franzen
Office hours: Please make an appointment by mail.


Tuesday, 16(ct)--18 Uhr, Grosser Hoersaal, Wegelerstr. 10.
Friday, 8(ct)--10 Uhr, Grosser Hoersaal, Wegelerstr. 10.

Contents and Literature

Foundations of homological algebra and applications in representation theory

  • Assem - Simson - Skowronski --- Elements of the Representation Theory of Associative Algebras, LMS Student Texts
  • MacLane --- Categories for the Working Mathematician, Springer
  • Kashiwara - Shapira --- Sheaves on Manifolds (Kapitel I), Springer
  • Weibel --- An Introduction to Homological Algebra Algebra, Cambridge Studies in Advanced Math.

Exercise sheets

Exercise classes

The exercise classes start in the second week.

  • Group 1: Wed 08--10, 0.011, Nils Wassmuth
  • Group 2: Wed 16--18, 0.011, Calvin Pfeifer
  • Group 3: Thu 12--14, N0.003, Felix Schremmer

First exam

Please note the change of venue for the first exam!

  • Tue 05.02., 9-11, Grosser Hoersaal
  • Here is the exam and the solutions to the exam.

Second exam

  • Mon 25.03., 9-11, Kleiner Hoersaal
  • Here is the second exam and the solutions.
  • Review of the exam: Wed 27.03., 13-14, 0.011