RG Analysis and Partial Differential Equations

V4B5: Real and Harmonic Analysis (summer term 2020)

Prof. Dr. Christoph Thiele
Dr. Olli Saari


For as long as Corona measures require, the lectures will be recorded and posted online here. Username is studentmath, the password will be shared with enrolled or otherwise eligible students. If you are eligible and have not received a password, please contact the instructor.

Exercise classes:


  1. Due on Friday 24 April
  2. Due on Friday 1 May
  3. Due on Friday 8 May
  4. Due on Friday 15 May
  5. Due on Friday 22 May, typo corrected, second exercise relates to Def 38
  6. Due on Friday 29 May
  7. Due on Friday 5 June, missing factors added to definition of BMO.
  8. Due on Friday 12 June
  9. Due on Friday 19 June
  10. Due on Friday 26 June
  11. Due on Friday 3 July
  12. No additional exercises. Use the time for sheet 12 to review.

Lecture notes

Part A, Lectures 1-7
Part B, Lectures 8-14
Part C, Lectures 15-19


There will be online oral examinations taking place July 14,15,16.
Each exam is 30min.
Here is a list of topics for the exams.


Basis system page of the course