Notes (published and unpublished)

    1. Stability structures on Lie algebras, after Kontsevich and Soibelman. Notes of talks in April and May 2009. Bonn (pdf-file )
    2. Complex and real multiplication for K3 surfaces. Notes of a talk at GAEL 2008 (pdf-file )
    3. Holomorphic symplectic manifolds and derived categories. Spring school Gargnano del Garda. Slides of my talks: (Introduction pdf-file ), (Generalized K3 surfaces pdf-file ), (Fourier--Mukai transforms pdf-file ), Autoequivalences of K3 surfaces pdf-file ), (Mirror symmetry for K3 surfaces pdf-file )
    4. Derived categories of smooth projective varieties. Slides of a talk at the `Conference on Algebro Geometric Derived Categories and Applications' at IAS Princeton. March 2008. (pdf-file )
    5. Derived equivalences and stability conditions (mainly for K3 surfaces). Notes of a talk at Intercity Seminar Algebraic Geometry. Amsterdam December 2007. (pdf-file )
    6. Projectivity of Kähler manifolds - Kodaira's problem (after C. Voisin) Bourbaki to appear in Asterisque math.AG/0512039
    7. Moduli of tori and the Narain moduli space. Notes of a talk in the lecture series with M. Lehn and M. Rosellen on "Moduli spaces of toroidal conformal field theories and T-duality". Workshop "Algebraic Aspects of Mirror Symmetry" . Kaiserslautern June 2001 (ps-file )
    8. Geometries on K3 surfaces and their symmetries. Notes of a Colloquium talk given in Berlin and Kyoto. (ps-file )
    9. Infinitesimal variation of harmonic forms and Lefschetz decomposition. Preprint 2001. 15 pages. math.AG /0102116
    10. The Kähler cone of a compact hyperkähler manifold. Preprint 1999. 24 pages (version September.1999 ).