The workshop will begin in the morning of Monday, March 21, with Sunday March 20 for arrivals. There is dinner at the conference center on Sunday March 20. The workshop ends Friday, March 25 after lunch.


You are very welcome to present a poster in the poster session. The posters will be posted during the workshop and there is no separate time slot. If you would like to present a poster, please send an email to ystw2011 at We have a latex poster template available.

At the lobby of the conference center free wireless LAN is available.

For speakers: Beamer (projector) and blackboard are available.


Below is a list of the invited speakers. Clicking on a name will lead you to their website. Clicking on the title of their talk (if available) will lead you to the abstract. Clicking on (Slides) will bring you the slides, if available.

Tutorial speakers

Ali Enayat (Washington) "Arithmetic, Set Theory, and their models" (slides 1 slides 2)

Joel David Hamkins (New York) "An introduction to Boolean ultrapowers" (slides)

Juris Steprans (Toronto) "Amenable actions of the infinite permutation group" (slides 1 slides 2 slides 3 slides 4)

Slawomir Solecki (Urbana-Champaign) "Borel equivalence relations and Polish groups"

Postdoc speakers

Assaf Rinot (Be'er Sheva) "Around Jensen's square principle" (slides)
David Schrittesser (Bonn) Projective measure without projective Baire (slides)
Dilip Raghavan (Toronto) "P-ideal dichotomy and weak squares"
Grigor Sargsyan (Los Angeles) "An invitation to inner model theory" (slides)
Katie Thompson (Vienna) LOTS (of) embeddability results (slides)
Sam Coskey (Toronto) "Borel equivalence relations and the conjugacy problem"