Young Women in Representation Theory

June 23-25, 2016

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Poster exhibition

The poster exhibition takes place in the Plücker-Raum (next to the Lipschitz-Saal). There are two time slots (on Thursday and Friday) dedicated to the presentation of the posters. In the beginning of each time slot there will be the opportunity for a short introduction to the posters.

Poster template

For your poster please use the latex template provided in this zipped folder. If you want us to print (and pay for) your poster please send us the pdf file by June 9th. We will also hang the posters for you.

List of poster titles

Jenny August,
Title: The homological minimal model program

Julia Budde,
Title: Wave front sets of induced representations - an example for $SL_2(\mathbb{R})$

Adriana Freitas,
Title: Derived tame and derived wild algebras

Apolonia Gottwald,
Title: On preinective modules and cofinite submodule closed categories

Nadia Ilash,
Title: Asymptotic behavior of the Poincaré series for the algebras of joint $SL_2$-invariants and $SL_2$-covariants

Tina Kanstrup,
Title: Algebraic geometry in representation theoy - categorical actions

Inva Kociaj,
Title: Limit cycles in synchronous Boolean networks

Sondre Kvamme,
Title: Gorenstein projective objects in functor categories

Malvina Marku,
Title: The aging network: dynamical analysis of synchronous Boolean model of the Klotho gene

Gamze Özel Kadilar,
Title: Factorizations of $L^2$ spaces over Poisson and Lévy processes

Claudia Pérez,
Title: Graphical characterization of positive connected quasi Cartan matrices

Franciska Petényi,
Title: The combinatorial and ordinary depth in Ree groups

Denise Rangel Tracy,
Title: Non-trivial examples of totally reflexive modules

Claudia Schoemann,
Title: Unitary representations of $p$-adic $U(5)$

Jacinta Torres,
Title: On a conjecture by Naito-Sagaki: Non-Levi branching via Littelmann paths

Yadira Valdivieso-Diaz,
Title: Over (Co)-homologies of Jacobian algebras from surfaces

Andrea Vera-Gajardo,
Title: Weil Representations: different approaches and examples of compatibility

Rudina Zeqirllari Osmanaj,
Title: Lanczos quadrature and modes number of Dirac operator

Jakob Zimmermann,
Title: Simple transitive $2$-representations of Soergel bimodules in type $B_2$

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