Thomas Poguntke

Research Group of Tobias Dyckerhoff


Address Hausdorff Center for Mathematics
Villa Maria
Endenicher Allee 62
53115 Bonn, Germany
Office 1.002*
*Note I am currently visiting Joachim Kock in Barcelona!
You can find me at the UAB math department, office C1/308.


I am a fourth year graduate student interested in categorical algebra, homotopy theory, and arithmetic algebraic geometry. More precisely, I am currently investigating topics related to Waldhausen's construction of algebraic K-theory, higher Segal structures, and geometric Hall algebras. This poster outlines some general ideas.

Please find below a list of my mathematical writings.


Summer term 2018 Exercises in Linear Algebra
Winter term 2017/18 Exercises in Algebra II (Solutions: Exercise 8.4, Exercise 9.2)
Summer term 2017 Elemente der Mathematik
Summer term 2014 Basic Notions Seminar (Check out its current incarnation!)
Winter term 2013/14 Basic Notions Seminar

Last update: 5th September 2018.