Seminar: Basic Notions, Winter Term 2013/14

Organisers: Thomas Poguntke, Marc Sauerwein, Catharina Stroppel

In the Summer Term 2014 there will be a continuation of this Seminar. Information can be found here .

Initiated originally by diploma students, the Basic Notions Seminar is now organised by Master students as a BIGS event targeting both graduate and undergraduate students. Its aim is to present in an elementary and informal way basic notions from all areas of mathematics to non-specialists. Speakers can be students, post-docs or faculty.
If you would like to give a talk please contact Thomas Poguntke or Marc Sauerwein.

The seminar will take place fridays 12-14 in the Lipschitz Saal.

Prospective talks: Alternative Foundations of Mathematics (in contrast to Zermelo-Fraenkel), Introduction to Class Field Theory, Modular Forms ...

Date Speaker Topic
18.10.2013 Thomas Poguntke Basic Algebraic Number Theory (Abstract)
25.10.2013 Marc Sauerwein Introduction to Game Theory
01.11.2013 n/a No Talk! (All Saints' Day)
08.11.2013 n/a No Talk! (MPI Topology Day)
15.11.2013 Markus Land An Application of Homotopy Theory to 3-Manifolds (Abstract)
22.11.2013 Steffen Sagave What is K-Theory?
29.11.2013 Ulrike Greiner Sheaves
06.12.2013 Peter Koepke Theory and Application of Formal Mathematics
13.12.2013 Regula Krapf Cryptography
20.12.2013 Joris Roos Kakeya Sets over Finite Fields (Abstract)
10.01.2014 Diogo Oliveira e Silva Isoperimetric Inequalities
17.01.2014 Joanna Meinel Catalan Numbers
24.01.2014 n/a No Talk!
31.01.2014 Thomas Poguntke A Survey of Class Field Theory
07.02.2014 n/a No Talk!