Einführung in die Algebra (V2A1/MB10), winter semester 2017/18

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Catharina Stroppel
Office hours: by arrangement (preferably after the lecture), room 4.007, Endenicher Allee 60.

Assistant: Dr. Martin Palmer
Office hours: Thursday 15:00 - 16:00, room 4.019, Endenicher Allee 60.


Monday, 14:00 ct - 16:00, Großer Hörsaal, Wegelerstr. 10.
Thursday, 10:00 ct - 12:00, Großer Hörsaal, Wegelerstr. 10.


The requirement for admission to the exam is to have gained at least 50% of the points from the exercise/problem sheets.


The new exercise/problem sheets will always be made available on this webpage by Thursday at 12:00 at the latest.
The submission of the exercise/problem sheets takes place on Thursdays before the lecture (10:00 - 10:15), at the entrace of the lecture theatre.

In-class exercises

We also make some additional exercises available, for discussion during the exercise/problem classes, which may be used by the class tutors. Here you will find the in-class exercises from previous weeks. This is to be thought of as a general source of exercises; it is not expected that all exercises will be discussed.

Exercise/problem classes

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8-10 2 A,4
10-12 1 B,5 7
16-18 3 6

Group Date and time Room Tutor
1 Mon. 10-12 0.003 Manuel Blatt
2 Tues. 8-10 0.003 Tim Bülles
3 Tues. 16-18 0.008 Thorsten Beckmann
A Wed. 8-10 N0.007 Benjamin Ruppik
4 Wed. 8-10 0.008 Jendrik Stelzner
B Wed. 10-12 1.007 Jendrik Stelzner
5 Wed. 10-12 0.003 Benjamin Ruppik
6 Thu. 16-18 0.003 Jonas Antor
7 Fri. 10-12 0.003 Fabian Koch

All seminar rooms are in the Mathematical Institute, Endenicher Allee 60.
NB: The exercise/problem class A takes place in seminar room N0.007 in the annex (Nebengebäude).