Seminar on Derived Categories

Dr. Olaf Schnürer.

Time: Thursday, 16.15-18.00
Location: Seminar room N0.008, Mathematik-Zentrum, Endenicher Allee 60.

The aim of this seminar is to become familiar with triangulated and derived categories and derived functors. Many of the results we discuss are used at the end to understand Keller's proof of Rickard's Morita theorem.

Please prepare your talk early on so that we can discuss it at the latest one week before you give it, for example after the previous talk. Please provide detailed proofs rather than sketches (as far as possible; if needed, you can have more time).


  • October 29: Pagona Koulakidou: Homotopy category of an additive category
  • November 5: Jürgen Kanzler: Definition and elementary properties of triangulated categories, stable category of a Frobenius exact category
  • November 12: Anna Mkrtchyan: More properties of triangulated categories
  • November 19: Fabian Lenzen: Verdier localization and derived categories.
  • November 26: no seminar
  • December 3: Silvia Cavadas: Resolutions.
  • December 10: Ester Cabezuela Fernández: Non-functoriality of cones; when is the derived category abelian?
  • December 17: Patrick Berner: Thomason's classification of dense strictly full triangulated subcategories
  • January 7: Tim Seynnaeve: Happel's description of the derived category of a Dynkin quiver
  • January 14: David Hornshaw: Classification of localising subcategories
  • January 21: Thomas Czempik: Derived functors and examples
  • January 28 Tashi Walde: t-structures
  • February 4: Benedikt Fluhr: Bounded derived category of coherent sheaves on projective space
  • February 6, 9:30am, room 1.006 (knock at the window if the main doors are closed): Matthias Koch: Brown representability
  • February 6: Felix Küng: Compact objects, compactly generated triangulated categories, compact and perfect objects
  • February 6: Aras Ergus: Morita theory for derived categories of algebras
  • February 11: Stefano Ariotta: Model categories and derived categories