Joanna Meinel

Mathematical Institute
University of Bonn
Endenicher Allee 60
53115 Bonn

Phone +49-(0)228-73-3789
e-mail joanna ( add
Room Endenicher Allee 60, Room N2.013

I am a Ph.D. student of Catharina Stroppel in the Algebra and Representation Theory in Bonn working group.
I am a member of BIGS and the IMPRS program of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics. I am supported by a Deutsche Telekom Stiftung scholarship.

NEW: We are organising the workshop Young Women in Representation Theory at the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics Bonn (June 23-25, 2016).


I study Generalized Weyl Algebras, in particular I am interested in

  • Primitive ideals
  • The center and commutative subalgebras
  • (Highest) weight modules
  • Categorification of (highest) weight modules

  • of Generalized Weyl Algebras, but also for simple Lie algebras, Quantum groups etc.

    Furthermore, I am interested in diagram algebras and related algebras, like the affine nilTemperley-Lieb algebra or the plactic algebra, for which I look at

  • Graphical representations via particle configurations
  • Bases
  • Relationship to affine cellular algebras
  • Description of the center.

  • Here are my posters displayed at the annual BIGS poster exhibition:

    Publications and Preprints

    • An irregular complex-valued solution to a scalar linear parabolic equation, with J. Frehse, Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN (2008), Article ID rnn074
    • Goldie rank of primitive quotients via lattice point enumeration, with C. Stroppel, Glasg. Math. J. 55 (2013), no. A, arXiv:1212.5411
    • Duflo Theorem for a Class of Generalized Weyl Algebras, J. Algebra Appl. 14 (2015), no. 10, arXiv:1405.3917
    • The center of the affine nilTemperley-Lieb algebra, with G. Benkart, submitted, arXiv:1505.02544

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