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This page displays the schedule for the Topology Seminar at the Mathematical Institute and the Hausdorff Institute.

There will be no seminar for the rest of this term. We will resume on April 18th. The program of previous semesters is here.


  • September 13th 2016
    GEOFFROY HOREL (MPIM, Bonn): Interactions between operads and motives

  • September 20th 2016
    HOLGER KAMMEYER (KIT, Karlsruhe): L^2-invariants of groups and knots

  • September 27th 2016
    CHRISTOPHER DAVIS (University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, USA): An overview of knot concordance and 4-manifolds

  • October 4th 2016
    no seminar

  • October 11th 2016
    DANIEL KASPROWSKI (MPIM, Bonn): Injectivity of assembly maps

  • October 18th 2016
    no seminar

  • October 25th 2016
    no seminar

  • November 2nd 2016, notice that is wednesday!
    KRISTIAN MOI (WWU Münster): Real algebraic K-theory and its traces

  • November 8th 2016
    no seminar

  • November 15th 2016
    SUNE PRECHT REEH (MIT, Cambridge, USA): Representations, dimension functions, and fusion systems

  • November 22nd 2016
    no seminar

  • November 29th 2016
    GIJSBERT SCHELTUS KAREL SEBASTIAAN HEUTS (University of Copenhagen, Denmark): Lie algebras and v_n-periodic spaces

  • December 6th 2016
    no seminar and Sankt Nikolaus wasn't even there either.

  • December 13st 2016
    EMANUELE DOTTO (Universität Bonn): Equivariant diagrams and functor calculus

  • December 20th 2016
    Christmas market!