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Information on how to complete the e-mail addresses and phone or office numbers is located at the bottom of this page.

Professors E-mail Phone Office
Prof. Dr. Carl-Friedrich Bödigheimer photo cfb 7794 EA60 / 4.013
- Secretary: U. Müller-Moewes m-moewes 2947 EA60 / 4.011
Prof. Dr. Matthias Kreck photo kreck 3306 EA60 / 4.006
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lück
(Director of the HIM)
photo wolfgang.lueck at
EA60 / 3.016
Pop 45 / Room 15
- Secretary: L. Weineck-Scheuch 4885 Pop45
Prof. Dr. Stefan Schwede photo schwede 3158 EA60 / 4.008
- Secretary: H. Bacher bacher 7780 EA60 / 2.002
Prof. Dr. Peter Teichner
(Director at the MPI)
photo teichner at
402-202 MPI
Assistants and Postdocs      
Dr. Tobias Barthel MPI
Dr. Daniela Egas egas 3351 EA60 / 4.014
Dr. Moritz Groth photo MPI
Dr. Owen Gwilliam MPI
Dr. Drew Heard MPI
Dr. Rune Haugseng haugseng at
Dr. Jeremiah Heller 3351 EA60 / 4.014
Dr. Santosh Kandel MPI
Dr. Daniel Kasprowski kasprowski at
Dr. Tibor Macko photo macko 62241 EA60 / 3.022
Dr. Pavel Mnev MPI
Dr. Thomas Nikolaus nikolaus 5288 4.019
Dr. Mark Powell MPI
PD Dr. Steffen Sagave photo sagave 62255 EA60 / 4.009
Dr. Claudia Scheimbauer MPI
Dr. Chris Schommer-Pries MPI
Dr. Nat Stapleton MPI
Dr. Vesna Stojanoska MPI
Dr. James Tener MPI
Dr. Alessandro Valentino MPI
Dr. Christian Wegner photo wegner 62241 EA60 / 3.022
PhD Students      
Merlin Baertschi MPI
Felix Boes 62208 EA60 / 4.020
Daniel Brügmann danielbruegmann at
Nils-Edvin Enkelmann nilsenk 62208 EA60 / 4.020
Florian Funke ffunke 62369 EA60 / 4.024
Markus Hausmann photo hausmann 3310 EA60 / 4.017
Alexander Körschgen photo alex 62208 EA60 / 4.020
Achim Krause MPI
Markus Land photo land 3310 EA60 / 4.017
Malte Pieper pieper 3310 EA60 / 4.017
Timm von Puttkamer 62208 EA60 / 4.020
Julia Schulz jschulz 3310 EA60 / 4.017
Iuliia Semikina juliasem 62369 EA60 / 4.024
Christian Wimmer wimmer 3310 EA60 / 4.017
Master Students      
Bertram Arnold
Emilio Ferrucci
Edoardo Fossati
Anna Hermann
Guo Sheng Ho
Michael Jimenez
Malte Lackmann
David Mickisch
Rigel Apolonio Juárez Ojeda
Frank Zickenheiner

E-mail: The list above displays either full e-mail addresses or just names. In the latter case, "" has to be appended to complete the address.

Phone: Most phone numbers are listed above are internal numbers, and you may have to add a prefix depending on where you call from. To call someone at the MPI, omit the 73 in all cases listed below. The number to dial is
  •  73.... if you call from Bonn,
  •  0228-73.... if you call from another area code or a cell phone within Germany, and
  •  +49-228-73.... if you call from abroad.
  • "EA60 / 4.013" means Endenicher Allee 60, room 4.013.
  • "Pop45" means Poppelsdorfer Allee 45.
  • "MPI" means the Max Planck Institute.
For more on how to get to the buildings of the Hausdorff Research Institute or the Mathematical Institute, see here.