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Information on how to complete the e-mail addresses and phone or office numbers is located at the bottom of this page.

Professors E-mail Phone Office
Prof. Dr. Carl-Friedrich Bödigheimer photo cfb 7794 EA60 / 4.013
- Secretary: U. Müller-Moewes m-moewes 2947 EA60 / 4.011
Prof. Dr. Matthias Kreck photo kreck 3306 EA60 / 4.006
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lück
(Director of the HIM)
photo wolfgang.lueck at
EA60 / 3.016
Pop 45 / Room 15
- Secretary: L. Weineck-Scheuch 4885 Pop45
Prof. Dr. Stefan Schwede photo schwede 3158 EA60 / 4.008
- Secretary: H. Bacher bacher 7780 EA60 / 2.002
Prof. Dr. Peter Teichner
(Director at the MPI)
photo teichner at
402-202 MPI
Assistants and Postdocs      
Dr. Tobias Barthel MPI
Dr. Moritz Groth photo MPI
Dr. Tyrone Crisp MPI
Dr. Owen Gwilliam MPI
Dr. Drew Heard MPI
Dr. Fabian Hebestreit photofhebestr 62239 EA60 / 3.023
Dr. Santosh Kandel MPI
Dr. Daniel Kasprowski kasprowski at
Dr. Tibor Macko photo macko 62241 EA60 / 3.022
Dr. Lennart Meier lmeier 3351 EA60 / 4.014
Dr. Pavel Mnev MPI
Dr. Thomas Nikolaus nikolaus MPI
Dr. Viktoriya Ozornova ozornova 3351 EA60 / 4.014
PD Dr. Steffen Sagave photo sagave 62255 EA60 / 4.009
Dr. Claudia Scheimbauer MPI
Dr. Chris Schommer-Pries MPI
Dr. Nat Stapleton MPI
Dr. Werner Thumann thumann 62239 EA60 / 3.023
Dr. Alessandro Valentino MPI
Dr. Christian Wegner photo wegner 62241 EA60 / 3.022
Dr. Xiaolei Wu MPI
PhD Students      
Felix Boes 62208 EA60 / 4.020
Daniel Brügmann danielbruegmann at
Nils-Edvin Enkelmann nilsenk 62208 EA60 / 4.020
Florian Funke ffunke 62369 EA60 / 4.024
Markus Hausmann photo hausmann 3310 EA60 / 4.017
Alexander Körschgen photo alex 62208 EA60 / 4.020
Achim Krause MPI
Markus Land photo land 3310 EA60 / 4.017
Malte Pieper pieper 3310 EA60 / 4.017
Timm von Puttkamer 62208 EA60 / 4.020
Julia Schulz jschulz 3310 EA60 / 4.017
Iuliia Semikina juliasem 62369 EA60 / 4.024
Christian Wimmer wimmer 3310 EA60 / 4.017
Master Students      
Bertram Arnold
Emilio Ferrucci
Edoardo Fossati
Anna Hermann
Guo Sheng Ho
Michael Jimenez
Malte Lackmann
David Mickisch
Rigel Apolonio Juárez Ojeda
Frank Zickenheiner

E-mail: The list above displays either full e-mail addresses or just names. In the latter case, "" has to be appended to complete the address.

Phone: Most phone numbers are listed above are internal numbers, and you may have to add a prefix depending on where you call from. To call someone at the MPI, omit the 73 in all cases listed below. The number to dial is
  •  73.... if you call from Bonn,
  •  0228-73.... if you call from another area code or a cell phone within Germany, and
  •  +49-228-73.... if you call from abroad.
  • "EA60 / 4.013" means Endenicher Allee 60, room 4.013.
  • "Pop45" means Poppelsdorfer Allee 45.
  • "MPI" means the Max Planck Institute.
For more on how to get to the buildings of the Hausdorff Research Institute or the Mathematical Institute, see here.