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This page displays the schedule for the Bonn Research Seminar Topology. It takes place on Tuesdays from 15:15 to 16:45 in seminar room 0.003, Endenicher Allee 60. The program of previous semesters is here

The Topology Seminar takes place on Tuesdays from 17:15 to 18:15 in seminar room 0.008. There is a tea break between the seminars.

Information about the MPIM Topology Seminar can be found in the weekly program of the MPIM.


  • 14 April 2015
    STEFFEN SAGAVE: Logarithmic Topological Hochschild Homology

  • 21 April 2015
    TIBOR MACKO: Algebraic L-theory

  • 28 April 2015
    THOMAS NIKOLAUS: Homotopy theory of Stacks and Global Spectra

  • The remaining program will be announced at the Web page of the HIM Trimester program: HIM Trimester page