Seminar: Basic Notions, Summer Term 2016

Organisers: Regula Krapf, Joris Roos, Catharina Stroppel

This seminar is organised by students as a BIGS event. The goal is to present topics from all areas of mathematics in an elementary and informal way. The talks should be accessible to a general mathematical audience.
Everybody is welcome to attend and/or give a talk.
Coffee, tea and cookies will be served afterwards.

If you would like to give a talk please contact Regula or Joris.

The seminar will take place Wednesdays 14-16 in room 1.007.

For some inspiration you can take a look at previous instances of this seminar here, here, here, here and here.

Date Speaker Topic
27.04.2016 Regula KrapfWhat is the axiom of choice?
How (not) to choose infinitely many socks
04.05.2016 Tim SeynnaeveWhat is an axiomatic projective plane?
11.05.2016 Néstor León DelgadoGames: an introduction to Lie groupoids
Pentecost Holiday
Dies Academicus
01.06.2016 Mateus Sousa (IMPA)The Kakeya needle problem
No talk.
No talk.
22.06.2016 João Pedro RamosThe sharp Hausdorff-Young inequality
29.06.2016 Gennady UraltsevA tourist's guide to abstract harmonic analysis
06.07.2016 Philipp LückeWhat is an automorphism tower?
13.07.2016 Federico ZerbiniMultiple zeta values