Seminar: Basic Notions, Winter Term 2014/15

Organisers: Polona Durcik, Joris Roos, Marc Sauerwein, Catharina Stroppel

The Basic Notions Seminar is organised by students as a BIGS event targeting both graduate and undergraduate students. Its aim is to present in an elementary and informal way basic notions from all areas of mathematics to non-specialists. Speakers can be students, post-docs or faculty.

If you would like to give a talk please contact Polona or Joris.

The seminar will take place Tuesdays 14-16 in room 1.007.

Examples of talks in the past year: L-Functions and Dirichlet's Theorem on Primes, Introduction to Game Theory, Sheaves, The Hilbert Transform, Financial Contracts - A Formal Approach, Isoperimetric Inequalities,...

Date Speaker Topic
14.10.2014 Gennady Uraltsev Introduction to Fourier Analysis on Groups
21.10.2014 Thomas PoguntkeClassification of Additive Groups
28.10.2014 Federico ZerbiniLinear Recurrences and the Subspace Theorem
04.11.2014 Regula KrapfDeterminacy of Infinite Games
11.11.2014 Pavel Zorin-KranichErgodic Theory with Combinatorial Applications
18.11.2014 Benjamin BöhmeA Brief Course in Model Categories
25.11.2014 Lisa OnkesOn the Bohnenblust-Hille Inequality
02.12.2014 Adolfo Arroyo RabasaH-Convergence
09.12.2014 Néstor León DelgadoRubik's Cube, Group Actions and Smooth Group Actions
No talks.
20.01.2015 Gennady UraltsevPseudo-differential Operators
27.01.2015 Iacopo BrivioAn Introduction to the Minimal Model Program
03.02.2015 Arthur KierkelsThe Becker-Döring Equations