Seminar: Basic Notions, Winter Term 2015/16

Organisers: Regula Krapf, Joris Roos, Catharina Stroppel

This seminar is organised by students as a BIGS event. The goal is to present topics from all areas of mathematics in an elementary and informal way. The talks should be accessible to a general mathematical audience.
Everybody is welcome to attend and/or give a talk.
Coffee, tea and cookies will be served afterwards.

If you would like to give a talk please contact Regula or Joris.

The seminar will take place Wednesdays 16-18 in room 1.007.

For some inspiration you can take a look at previous instances of this seminar here, here, here and here.

Date Speaker Topic
28.10.2015 Ioanna DimitriouAn introduction to formal mathematics
04.11.2015 Thomas PoguntkeCounting points over Fq, where q≥1
11.11.2015 Regula KrapfForcing: how to prove unprovability I
- the continuum hypothesis
18.11.2015 Peter HolyForcing: how to prove unprovability II
25.11.2015 Néstor León DelgadoLocal operators and Peetre's theorem
Dies Academicus
09.12.2015 Michał Warchalski The Hardy-Littlewood circle method
16.12.2015 Gennady Uraltsev Fit your stuff in the smallest possible tent
- an optimal transport approach to Sobolev's inequality
Christmas break
13.01.2016 Benedikt FluhrFrom branched coverings to sheaves of algebras and back
20.01.2016 Joris RoosThe Euler-Maclaurin sum formula
27.01.2016 Joris RoosCarleson's theorem