Dr. Edgar Assing

I am currently interested in analytic problems related to automorphic forms, automorphic representations & L-functions. More precisley, I am working at the interface between analytic number theory, automorphic forms and (local and global) representation theory.

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Upcoming talks and travel

July 8 - 12, 2024: Research Workshop: Distribution of orbits: Arithmetics and Dynamics, Switzerland.
September 9 - 13, 2024: Integral Structures in Geometry and Representation Theory, Paderborn.
March 10 - 14, 2025: Hausdorff School: Recent developments around joint equidistribution in number theory and dynamics (Edgar Assing, Philippe Michel, Asbjørn Nordentoft), Bonn.

Publications and preprints

Doctoral Thesis

I did my PhD at the University of Bristol mainly thinking about sup-norms of automorphic forms and related topics. The outcome was the following thesis.


Teaching duties at the University of Bonn (From 1.10.2019):
Supervised Students:


Learning Seminar in Number Theory: Equidistribution: the modern ergodic method (WS23/24, Bonn).
Exercise group leader for the course 'Relative Trace Formulae in Analytic Number Theory' at the Masterclass: Relative trace formulae (August 22-26 2022, Copenhagen). [Cover, Exercise 1, Solution 1, Exercise 2, Solution 2]
Past conference I co-organised: Young Scholars in the Analytic Theory of Numbers and Automorphic Forms (March 28-29, 2022, Bonn).
Participation in the Bonn-Paris hybrid workgroup on automorphic forms (WS21/22, online).
This is a recording of my online talk in the Budapest Automorphic Form Seminar (25. November 2021).
This is a short note on a certain integral identity involving Gegenbauer Polynomials and the I-Bessel function.

List of Errata

Here is an errata sheet for my published papers. Note that ArXiv versions might differ from published versions in several aspects!