Graduiertenkolleg 1150

Homotopy and Cohomology



This page lists previous events of the Graduiertenkolleg `Homotopy and Cohomology' and closely related events.

Previous semester programs of the Graduiertenkolleg

Summer Term 2014 (Bonn)
      Central Lecture: The Theorem of Thomason-Trobaugh (Peter Scholze)
      Research Seminar: Controlled Topology
      Graduate Student Seminar: The Kervaire Invariant One Problem

Winter Term 2013/14 (Wuppertal)
      Central Lecture: "Motivic Homotopy Theory" (Jens Hornbostel)
      Research Seminar: "Survey Talks"
      Graduate Student Seminar: "Groups of homotopy sheres"

Summer term 2013 (Bonn)
      Central Lecture: "Bordism old and new" (Chr. Schommer-Pries)
      Research Seminar: "Survey Talks"
      Graduate Student Seminar: "C*-Algebras and K-Theory"

Winter term 2012/13 (Bonn)
      Central Lecture: "Trace maps and algebraic K-theory" (Dr. St. Sagave)
      Research Seminar "Classical results in algebraic and differential topology"
      Graduate Student Seminar "TMF"

Summer term 2012 (Bonn)
      Central Lecture: "Isomorphism Conjectures in $K$- and $L$-theory" (Prof. W. Lueck)
      Research Seminar: Goodwillie Calculus
      Graduate Student Seminar: Unstable homotopy theory

Winter term 11/12 (Bochum):
      Central Lecture : Surgery Theory (Martin Olbermann)
      Research Seminar : Infinity Categories and their Applications
      Graduate Student Seminar : Compact Lie groups and homogeneous spaces

Summer term 2011 (Bonn):
      Central Lecture : "Equivariant homotopy theory" (Stefan Schwede)
      Research Seminar : The stable parametrized h-cobordism theorem
(after Waldhausen-Jahren-Rognes)

      Graduate Student Seminar : Chromatic Homotopy Theory

Winter term 10/11 (Bonn):
      Central Lecture : Cyclic Homology (C.-F. Bödigheimer)
      Research Seminar : Seminar on the non-existence of elements of Kervaire invariant one
(after Hill, Hopkins and Ravenel)

      Graduate Student Seminar : Geometric Group Theory

Summer term 2010 (Bochum)
      Central Lecture: Topological Topos Theory (M. Szymik)
      Research Seminar: Gromov's h-principle
      Graduate Students Seminar: Index Theory and Spin Geometry

Winter term 09/10 (Bonn):
      Central Lecture : Field theory and cohomology (S. Stolz, P. Teichner)
      Research Seminar : Thom Spectra and Units
      Graduate Student Seminar : Relative homologische Algebra

Summer term 2009 (Düsseldorf):
      Central Lecture : Arithmetic groups (F.Grunewald)
      Research Seminar : Mapping class groups and Teichmüller spaces
      Graduate Student Seminar : Nilpotence in stable homotopy theory

Winter term 08/09 (Bonn):
      Central Lecture : Classification of simply-connected 4- and 6-manifolds (M. Kreck)
      Research Seminar : The J-Homomorphism and the Adams conjecture
      Graduate Student Seminar : K-Theory and Derived Equivalences

Summer term 2008 (Düsseldorf):
      Central Lecture : Algebraische K-Theorie (H. Reich)
      Research Seminar : Algebraic K-theory of number fields (after Borel)
      Graduate Student Seminar : Talks about individual PhD-projects

Winter term 07/08 (Bonn):
      Central Lecture : Stable homotopy groups of spheres (S.Schwede)
      Research Seminar : The homotopy type of the cobordism category
      Graduate Student Seminar : Galois-Extensions of Symmetric Ring Spectra

Summer term 07 (Wuppertal):
      Central Lecture: Nilpotence in homotopy theory (E.Ossa)
      Research Seminar: The Goerss-Hopkins-Miller Theorem
      Graduate Student Seminar: Equivariant Stable homotopy theory

Winter term 06/07 (Bochum):
      Central Lecture : Complex oriented cohomology theories (G.Laures)
      Research Seminar : Elliptic Theories and topological modular forms
      Graduate Student Seminar : The Relation of Cobordism to K-Theories

Summer term 06 (Düsseldorf):
      Central Lecture: Homological algebra and applications (W. Singhof)
      Research Seminar: Elliptic Curves
      Graduate Student Seminar: Elliptic Genera and Applications

Winter term 05/06 (Bonn):
      Central Lecture: Rational Homotopy Theory (C.-F. Bödigheimer)
      Research Seminar: Exotic spheres and the Kervaire invariant 1 problem
      Graduate Student Seminar: Model category structures and their applications

Previous summer and winter schools and conferences of the Graduiertenkolleg

Summer term 2012:
      Conference Strings and Automorphic Forms in Topology
      Bochum, August 13-17 2012

Winter term 2011/12:
      Festive Colloquium on the occasion of the opening of the FCG
      Bochum, December 7, 2011

Summer term 2011:
      Summer School Algebra, Topology and Fjords
      Nordfjordeid, Norway, June 3rd - 11th, 2011

Winter term 2010/11:
      Fall School Graphs, Groups and Surfaces
      October 4-8, 2010, Haus Karrenberg, Kirchberg

Winter term 2009/10:
      Fall School Super symmetric field theories and modular forms
      September 21-25, 2009, MPI Bonn

Summer term 2009:
      Summer School Scissors congruences
      April 30 - May 4, 2009, Universitätskolleg Bommerholz

Summer term 2008:
      Summer School Homotopical Group Theory and Topological Algebraic Geometry
      June 16-20, 2008, Copenhagen

      Conference Homotopical Group Theory and Topological Algebraic Geometry
      June 23-28, 2008, Bonn

Winter term 2007/08:
      Winterschool and Conference Moduli Spaces
      January 2-6/7-11, 2008, Bonn

Summer term 2007:
      Summer school Stable homotopy theory: classical calculations and modern structures
      May 7-11, 2007, Strasbourg

Summer term 2006:
      Summer school Novikov Morse Theory for Closed 1-Forms
      September 10-15, 2006, Kloster Steinfeld

Winter term 05/06:
      Winter school From field theories to elliptic objects
      February 28th to March 4th, 2006, Schloss Mickeln, Düsseldorf
                       Collected Slights from Talks

Young Women in Topology

4. Young Women in Topology, Bonn, June 07-09, 2013
3. Young Women in Topology, Bochum, July 06-08, 2012
2. Young Women in Topology, Bonn, December 9-11, 2011
Young Women in Topology, Bonn, June 25-27, 2010

NRW Topology meetings

22. NRW Topology Meeting, Bonn, November 21-22, 2014
21. NRW Topology Meeting, Wuppertal, May 9-10, 2014
20. NRW Topology Meeting, Bonn, November 8-9, 2013
19. NRW Topology Meeting, Osnabrück, April 19-20, 2013
18. NRW Topology Meeting, Bielefeld, November 16-17, 2012
17. NRW Topology Meeting, Münster, May 4-5, 2012
16. NRW Topology Meeting, Bochum, November 11-12, 2011
15. NRW Topology Meeting, Wuppertal, May 6-7, 2011
14. NRW Topology Meeting, Bonn, November 12-13, 2010
13. NRW Topology Meeting, Osnabrück, May 7-8, 2010
12. NRW Topology Meeting, Düsseldorf, November 13-14, 2009
11. NRW Topology Meeting, Bielefeld, May 8-9, 2009
10. NRW Topology Meeting, Bochum, November 7-8, 2008
9. NRW Topology Meeting, Münster, April 18-19, 2008
8. NRW Topology Meeting, Bonn, November 9-10, 2007
7. NRW Topology Meeting, Osnabrück, April 27-28, 2007
6. NRW Topology Meeting, Düsseldorf, November 24-25, 2006
5. NRW Topology Meeting, Bielefeld, April 28-29, 2006
4. NRW Topology Meeting, Wuppertal, October 21-22, 2005
3. NRW Topology Meeting, Bochum, April 15-16, 2005
2. NRW Topology Meeting, Münster, November 5-6, 2004
1. NRW Topology Meeting, Bonn, April 23-24, 2004

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