Markus Hausmann

Mathematisches Institut
Universität Bonn
Endenicher Allee 60
53115 Bonn

Email hausmann "at"
Office Endenicher Allee 60, Room 4.006

About me

I am a PostDoc (Akademischer Rat auf Zeit) at the University of Bonn and a member of the Topology group. Between 2016-2019 I was a PostDoc at the University of Copenhagen, and before that I obtained my PhD at the University of Bonn under the supervision of Stefan Schwede.

Research interests

I work in algebraic topology, in particular (equivariant) stable homotopy theory, chromatic homotopy theory, tensor-triangular geometry and geometric group theory.

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Teaching winter term 2020:

  • Assistent for Topology I (V3D1/F4D1) [course page]
  • Hauptseminar Differentialtopologie (S2D2) [Topology from the differentiable viewpoint]

  • Teaching summer term 2021:

  • Assistent for Topology II (V3D2) [course page]
  • Hauptseminar Homotopietheorie (S2D4)/Graduate Seminar on Topology (S4D2) [Group cohomology]
  • Begleitseminar Bachelorarbeit [seminar page]

  • Preprints

  • Global group laws and equivariant bordism rings

    arXiv preprint

  • Publications

  • Proper equivariant stable homotopy theory (with Dieter Degrijse, Wolfgang Lück, Irakli Patchkoria and Stefan Schwede)

    Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society (to appear)

  • On the Balmer spectrum for compact Lie groups (with Tobias Barthel and John Greenlees)

    Compositio Mathematica, Vol. 156, Issue 1 (2020), p. 39-76. [journal link]

  • Commuting matrices and Atiyah's Real K-theory (with Simon Gritschacher)

    Journal of Topology, Vol. 12, Issue 3 (2019), p. 832-853. [journal link]

  • The Balmer spectrum of the equivariant homotopy category of a finite abelian group. (with Tobias Barthel, Niko Naumann, Thomas Nikolaus, Justin Noel and Nat Stapleton)

    Inventiones Mathematicae, Vol. 216, Issue 1 (2019), p. 215-240. [journal link]

  • Symmetric products and subgroup lattices

    Geometry & Topology 22-3 (2018), p. 1547-1591. [journal link]

  • Filtrations of global equivariant K-theory (with Dominik Ostermayr)

    Mathematische Zeitschrift , Vol. 295 (2020), p. 161-210. [journal link]

  • Symmetric spectra model global equivariant homotopy theory

    Algebraic & Geometric Topology 19-3 (2019), p. 1413-1452. [journal link]

  • G-symmetric spectra, semistability and the multiplicative norm

    Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, Vol. 221, No. 10, 10.2017, p. 2582-2632. [journal link]

  • Coauthors
    Tobias Barthel, Dieter Degrijse, John Greenlees, Simon Gritschacher, Wolfgang Lück, Niko Naumann, Thomas Nikolaus, Justin Noel, Dominik Ostermayr, Irakli Patchkoria, Stefan Schwede, Nat Stapleton