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Mathematisches Institut
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53115 Bonn, Germany

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Fabian Hebestreit

I am an Assitant (Akademischer Rat auf Zeit) in the Topology group at the University of Bonn under the supervision of Wolfgang Lück.
During the summer 2020 I visited Søren Galatius at the University of Copenhagen. Here is a CV.

Furthermore, I am currently the organiser of the Bonn topology seminar and organised the workshop Automorphisms of Manifolds with Wolfgang.

Research Interests

Manifolds, mostly high dimensional! That is algebraic & geometric Topology, homotopical Algebra and more specifically:
the homotopy theory of diffeomorphism groups and cobordism categories, and their relation to algebraic K- and L-theory, parametrised homotopy theory and its relation to operator algebras and positive scalar curvature

Publications and Preprints

Articles for Conference Proceedings


This term I will offer two topics for Bachelor's theses, one located in geometric topology "Pontryagin's theorem and the first Hopf map" and one in higher category theory "Joyal's lifting theorem"; brief descriptions can be found here.

Some lecture notes:

This term I will offer a course on Algebraic and Hermitian K-theory (through Zoom). In the summer term I will offer a seminar on Real Divisionalgebras (presumably still via Zoom).

Previously, I gave the lecture courses Higher categories and homotopical algebra (through Zoom) and Introduction to higher Categories together with Christoph Winges, was the teaching assistent of Daniel Kasprowski for the lecture course Topology II, and gave the course Mathematik für Geowissenschaftler II (in german). I ran seminars on Characteristic classes and Real Divisionalgebras (in german); I taught the lecture course Algebraic topology (in german), together with the two seminars The space of positive scalar curvature metrics, and Representation theory of finite groups (in german) at the University of Augsburg; I was the teaching assistant of Saint Nikolaus for the lecture course Algebraic Topology II, and that of Jens Franke for the lecture courses Linear algebra I, II and Introduction to algebra. More information can be found on the courses' websites.