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This page displays the schedule for the Topology Seminar at the Mathematical Institute.

The seminar takes place on Tuesdays in seminar room 1.008 at the Mathematical Institute, Endenicher Allee 60, from 5:00 to 6:00 pm. Tea and cookies will be served in the Hausdorff space right before the seminar at 4:30 pm.
The program of previous semesters is here. If you are interested in giving a talk or want to suggest a speaker, please contact the organiser.


  • October 16th
    NIMA RASEKH (MPIM, Bonn): The fundamental group and natural number objects
  • October 23rd
    FALK BECKERT (MPIM, Bonn): Higher symmetries on stable homotopy theories
  • October 30th
    LAUREN BANDKLAYDER (MPIM, Bonn): The Dold-Thom theorem via factorization homology
  • November 6th, Coffee, tea and biscuits will be served in the seminar room
    JENS REINHOLD (Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA): Manifold bundles over surfaces
  • November 13th, Coffee, tea and biscuits will be served in the seminar room
    DUSTIN CLAUSEN (RFWU Bonn): The algebraic topology of p-adic Lie groups
  • November 20th
    GRIGORI AVRAMIDI (WWU Münster/MPIM, Bonn): Coarse embeddings, Moore spaces, and L^2 Betti numbers

  • November 27th
    LUKAS LEWARK (Universität Bern, Switzerland): Linking pairings and unknotting numbers
  • December 4th
    no seminar

  • December 11th, Coffee, tea and biscuits will be served in the seminar room
    BENJAMIN BÖHME (RFWU Bonn): Idempotent splittings of G-equivariant commutative ring spectra
  • December 18th
    Christmas Market

  • January 8th
    BRUNO STONEK (MPIM Bonn): Higher THH of KU
  • January 15th
    RACHEL SKIPPER (GAU Göttingen/ÉNS de Lyon, France): Finiteness properties of simple groups
  • January 22nd

  • January 29th
    WOLFGANG STEIMLE (Universität Augsburg): tba