Algebra and Representation Theory in Bonn

Welcome to the homepage of the Algebra and Representation Theory group at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn.

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Group Members
Professors Postdocs Ph.D. Students
Jan Schröer
MI 3.006
Catharina Stroppel
MI 4.007
Jenny August
Pieter Belmans
MI 1.002
Rekha Biswal
MPIM 406
Elie Casbi
MPIM 223
Rostislav Devyatov
MPIM 226
Jens Eberhardt
MPIM 315
Graham Hawkes
MPIM 308
Thorsten Heidersdorf
MI N.1006
Gustavo Jasso
MI 3.008
Maitreyee Kulkarni
MPIM 309
Jacob Matherne
MPIM 308
Grégoire Naisse
MPIM 221
Vinoth Nandakumar
MPIM 260
Hipólito Treffinger
MI 3.002
Laertis Vaso
MPIM 402
Paul Wedrich
Hirzebruch Research Instructor
MI 1.027
Maximilian Hofmann
MI N1.015
Anna Mkrtchyan
MI N2.013

MI = Mathematical Institute (Endenicher Allee 60)
MPIM = Max Planck Institute for Mathematics (Vivatsgasse 7)


Oberseminar Darstellungstheorie
Fridays @ 14:15 - 15:15, MI 1.008
There is a “Recently in the arXiv” seminar after the Oberseminar (usually Fridays @ 15:15).

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As a result of the ongoing COVID-19, expect changes in the schedule below.

SoSe 2020
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8 - 10         Grundzüge der Darstellungstheorie
10 - 12     Advanced Topics
in Rep Theory
  Advanced Topics
in Rep Theory
12 - 14   Hauptseminar
14 - 16         Oberseminar Darstellungstheorie
16 - 18 Graduate Seminar on Supermaths Grundzüge der Darstellungstheorie   Graduate Seminar on Exceptional Collections  

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Scientific events

Below you find a list of events organised by members of our group or which might be of interest to representation theorists in Bonn.

Trimester seminar series: Non-commutative motives and telescope-type problems
Bonn, Germany, 01.10.2020 - 18.10.2020


Workshop: Categorification, Hall algebras and quantum cohomology
Bonn, Germany, 30.11.2020 - 04.12.2020


Hausdorff Kolloquium by Pavel Etingof
Bonn, Germany, 18.11.2020


International Conference on Representation Theory of Algebras (ICRA) 2020
Online, last three weeks of November


Quiver moduli and applications - Felix Klein Lectures by Markus Reineke
Bonn, Germany, 20.10.2020 - 29.10.2020


Winter School: Connections between representation theory and geometry
Bonn, Germany, 5-9, 12-16 and 19-23.10.2020


Junior Hausdorff Trimester Program: New Trends in Representation Theory
Bonn, Germany, 01.09.2020 - 18.12.2020


Stacks Project Workshop 2020
Ann Arbor, USA, 03.08.2020 - 07.08.2020


Kalender der Mathematik - Calendar of mathematical events in Bonn

FDLIST - Information list for representation theory of finite-dimensional algebras

FD Seminar - Online seminar on representation theory of finite-dimensional algebras - A website for things related to noncommutative algebraic geometry

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