Lectures on K3 surfaces


    This is the final draft version which CUP allows me to keep on this webpage. The published version contains further corrections, stylistic and also mathematical ones. Comments on this draft version and on the published version are welcome. Erratum and Comments

  1. Basic definitions

  2. Linear systems

  3. Hodge structures I

  4. Kuga-Satake construction

  5. Moduli spaces of polarized K3 surfaces

  6. Periods

  7. Special vector bundles on K3 surfaces

  8. Moduli spaces of stable sheaves

  9. Chow ring and Grothendieck group

  10. Surjectivity of period and Global Torelli

  11. Rational curves on K3 surfaces

  12. Lattices

  13. Elliptic K3 surfaces

  14. Ample cone and Kaehler cone

  15. Automorphisms

  16. Derived equivalences

  17. Picard group

  18. Brauer group

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