Analytic Number Theory and Automorphic Forms


Dr. Edgar Assing
Professor Dr. Valentin Blomer
Dr. Félicien Comtat
Professor Dr. Gabriel Dill
Dr. Doyon Kim
Dr. Xinchen Miao (MPI)
Dr. Prahlad Sharma (MPI)
Dr. Niclas Technau (MPI)
Dr. Tian Wang (MPI)

Current and upcoming activities

Previous events

Topics courses and seminars

Winter term 2024
lecture: Selberg trace formula (E. Assing)
lecture: Decoupling and applications (N. Technau)
seminar: Automorphic Forms in higher rank (V. Blomer)
seminar: Determinant Methods (N. Technau)
Summer term 2024
lecture: Diophantine Geometry I (G. Dill)
lecture: On gaps between primes (E. Assing)
seminar: Uniformity for rational points (G. Dill)
seminar: Diophantine Approximation (N. Technau)

Winter term 2023/24
lecture: Algebraic Number Theory (G. Dill)
lecture: Arithmetic Quantum Chaos (E. Assing)
lecture: Counting Rational Points on and near Manifolds (N. Technau)
seminar: Quadratic Forms (G. Dill)
learning seminar: Equidistribution: the modern ergodic method (E. Assing, G. Felber, R. Toma)

Summer term 2023
lecture: Modular forms (E. Assing)

Winter term 2022/23
lecture: Class field theory (E. Assing)
lecture: Analytic number theory (V. Blomer)

Summer term 2022
lecture: Thin groups (E. Assing)
seminar: Additive Combinatorics (V. Blomer)
lecture: Sieve Methods (J. Li)

Winter term 2021/22
lecture: The circle method (E. Assing)
seminar: Elliptic curves (V. Blomer)

Summer term 2021
lecture: Automorphic forms and representations (S. Jana)
seminar: Modular forms and applications (E. Assing and A. Nordentoft)
seminar: Ergodic theory with applications II (V. Blomer and A. Nordentoft)

Winter term 2020/21
lecture: Randomness in the primes (E. Assing)
seminar: Ergodic theory with arithmetic applications I (V. Blomer)
seminar: Lie algebras (V. Blomer)

Summer term 2020
lecture: Topics in automorphic forms (E. Assing)
seminar: Quadratic forms (V. Blomer)

Winter term 2019/20
lecture: Modular forms (V. Blomer)
seminar: Transcendental number theory (V. Blomer)