Analytic Number Theory and Automorphic Forms


Professor Dr. Valentin Blomer
Dr. Edgar Assing
Dr. Wing Hong Leung
Dr. Junxian Li
Dr. Bart Michels

Current and upcoming activities

Previous events

Topics courses and seminars

Summer term 2023
lecture: Modular forms (E. Assing)

Winter term 2022/23
lecture: Class field theory (E. Assing)
lecture: Analytic number theory (V. Blomer)

Summer term 2022
lecture: Thin groups (E. Assing)
seminar: Additive Combinatorics (V. Blomer)
lecture: Sieve Methods (J. Li)

Winter term 2021/22
lecture: The circle method (E. Assing)
seminar: Elliptic curves (V. Blomer)

Summer term 2021
lecture: Automorphic forms and representations (S. Jana)
seminar: Modular forms and applications (E. Assing and A. Nordentoft)
seminar: Ergodic theory with applications II (V. Blomer and A. Nordentoft)

Winter term 2020/21
lecture: Randomness in the primes (E. Assing)
seminar: Ergodic theory with arithmetic applications I (V. Blomer)
seminar: Lie algebras (V. Blomer)

Summer term 2020
lecture: Topics in automorphic forms (E. Assing)
seminar: Quadratic forms (V. Blomer)

Winter term 2019/20
lecture: Modular forms (V. Blomer)
seminar: Transcendental number theory (V. Blomer)


Lucas Mann recevices the Hausdorff memorial award 2021/22

Bachelor Prize 2021/22 of the BMG awarded

M. Rapoport receives the Alexanderson Award of the AIM (joint with Jan Bruinier, Benjamin Howard, Stephen S. Kudla, and Tonghai Yang)

Prof. Daniel Huybrechts receives the Compositio Prize for the periode 2017-2019

Ausschreibung: Büroangestellte*r am Mathematischen Institut (100%) - Kennziffer 3.4/2022/292 (Frist: 08.01.2023)

Prof. Catharina Stroppel receives Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize 2023

Rajula Srivastava receives Association for Women in Mathematics Dissertation Prize

Prof. Ana Caraiani wins a New Horizons in Mathematics Prizes 2023

Pius XI Medal awarded to Professor Peter Scholze

Prof. Dr. Ana Caraiani neuer Hausdorff Chair am Mathematischen Institut

Prof. Valentin Blomer und Prof. Georg Oberdieck erhalten ERC grants

Prof. Peter Scholze erhält Lehrpreis der Universität

Ausschreibung: W3-Professur Reine Mathematik

Bonn Mathematics ranked 15th in Shanghai Ranking

Teaching prize of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences 2021 is awarded to Prof. Valentin Blomer

Grants for Mathematics students from Ukraine

Attack on Ukraine

Corona: Measures at the Center for Mathematics

Prof. Jessica Fintzen is awarded a Whitehead Prize of the London Mathematical Society

Georg Oberdieck receives Dubrovin Medal 2022

Prof. Peter Scholze elected as Foreign Member of the Royal Society

Prof. Catharina Stroppel invited as plenary speaker to the ICM 2022 in St. Petersburg

Bonner Mathematik belegt bei Shanghai Ranking den 1. Platz in Deutschland und weltweit den 13. Platz

Prof. Georg Oberdieck erhält Heinz Maier-Leibnitz-Preise 2020

Prof. Daniel Huybrechts erhält gemeinsam mit Debarre, Macri und Voisin ERC Synergy Grant