Bonn-Paris Automorphic Forms Seminar

Oct 7: Introduction I (Farrell Brumley)
Oct 14: Introduction II (Farrell Brumley)
Oct 21: Pseudo-differential operators (Valentin Blomer)
Oct 28: The Kirillov paradigm for the Heisenberg group (Edgar Assing)
Nov 11: The Stone-von Neumann theorem (Thibaut Ménés)
Nov 18: The Weil representation I (Subhajit Jana)
Nov 25: The Weil representation II (Bart Michels)
Dec 2: Nilpotent groups (Asbjørn Nordentoft)
Dec 9: Background on symplectic geometry (Petru Constantinescu)
Dec 16: Duistermaat-Heckman localization (Radu Toma)
Jan 13: The Kirilov character formula for U_n (Edgar Assing)
Jan 20: The orbit method and quantization (Louis Ioos)

Mar 3: Overview and sketch (Valentin Blomer)
Mar 10: Microlocal analysis I (Farrell Brumley)
Mar 17: Microlocal analysis II (Farrell Brumley)
Mar 24: Limiting states (Edgar Assing)
Mar 31: Addenda (Edgar Assing and Farrell Brumley)
Apr 7: Equidistribution and Ratner's theorem I (Philippe Michel)
Apr 14: Equidistribution and Ratner's tehorem II (Philippe Michel)
Apr 21: Stability (Bart Michels)
Apr 28: L-functions (Asbjørn Nordentoft)
May 5: Volumes, measures and integrals (Louis Ioos)
May 12: Inverse branching and asymptotics I (Subhajit Jana)
May 19: Inverse branching and asymptotics II (Subhajit Jana)