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Young Women in Harmonic Analysis and PDE

December 2-4, 2016

Jasmina Veta Buralieva (University Goce Delcev, Stip)

Abelian results for the directional short-time Fourier transform

(joint work with K. Hadzi-Velkova Saneva and S. Atanasova)

We study the directional short-time Fourier transform (DSTFT) of Lizorkin distributions. DSTFT on the space $L^{1}(\mathbb R^{n}) $ was introduced and investigated by Giv in [4]. Saneva and Atanasova extended this transform on the space of tempered distributions [5]. Here, we analyze the continuity of the DSTFT on the closed subspace of $ \mathcal S(\mathbb R^{n}) $, i.e. on the space $ \mathcal S_{0}(\mathbb R^{n}) $ of highly time-frequency localized functions over $ \mathbb R^{n} $. We also prove the countinuity of the directional synthesis operator on the space $ \mathcal S(\mathbb Y^{2n}) $. Using the obtained continuity results, we will define the DSTFT on space $ \mathcal S'_{0}(\mathbb R^{n}) $ of Lizorkin distributions, and prove an Abelian type result for this transform.

Keywords: (Directional short-time Fourier transform, distributions, quasiasymptotic behavior, Abelian theorems.)


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