S2D5 – Hauptseminar Niedrigdimensionale Topologie // S4D2 – Graduate Seminar on Topology

Zopfgruppen und Konfigurationsräume // Braid groups and configuration spaces

Summer semester 2019

Martin Palmer-Anghel


The seminar takes place on Wednesdays from 12:15 to 14:00 in seminar room N0.007 (Endenicher Allee 60). [In some weeks the schedule differs slightly. See below or the seminar programme for the exact schedule.]



The seminar programme is here: (English)(German).


Office hours

The unofficial (but more colourful) seminar webpage is here.

Talk Date Speaker
1. Definitions of braid groups. 03.04.2019 Arne Beines
2. Fibre bundles, classifying spaces and homotopy groups. 10.04.2019 Nicolas Schmitt
3. The pure braid group and the centre of the braid group. 17.04.2019 Jonas Nehme
4. Configuration spaces and spaces of polynomials. 24.04.2019 Erik Babuschkin
5. Automorphisms of free groups. 30.04.2019 Johanna Luz
6. Braid groups as mapping class groups. 08.05.2019 Nicolai Gerber
7. Surface braid groups and the Birman exact sequence. 14.05.2019 Avital Berry
8. Braid groups and links. 22.05.2019 Roman Pleskovsky
9. Markov’s theorem. 29.05.2019 Koen van Greevenbroek
10. Homological representations of braid groups – the Burau representation. 05.06.2019 Sid Maibach
11. The Lawrence-Krammer-Bigelow representations of braid groups. 19.06.2019 Branko Juran
12. Linearity of the braid groups. 19.06.2019 Sigurður Jens Albertsson
13. Integral homological stability for braid groups. 25.06.2019 Peng Hui How
14. Mod-2 cohomology of braid groups. 26.06.2019 Ödül Tetik