Seminar: Knot theory

S2D6 - Hauptseminar Niedrigdimensionale Topologie and S4D2 - Graduate Seminar on Topology
Winter term 2017/18

Daniel Kasprowski and Christoph Winges

The seminar takes place Tuesdays 10:15 to 12:00 at N0.003 (Neubau).

The seminar program can be found here.

Title DateSpeaker
1 Knots and links 10.10.2017Yuzhou Zhang
2 The knot group I 17.10.2017Luise Puhlmann
3 Homology 24.10.2017Nikolina Barišić
4 The knot group II 07.11.2017Annika Tarnowsky
5 Seifert surfaces 14.11.2017Yizhi Wu
6 Infinite cyclic covers 21.11.2017Julia Brocker
7 The Alexander polynomial 28.11.2017Chiara Mazziotta
8 The Jones polynomial 05.12.2017Jose Quintanilha and Ben Ruppik
9 3-manifolds and Heegaard splittings 12.12.2017Kevin Li
10 The signature and slice knots 19.12.2017Muhammad Ardiyansyah
11 Concordance 09.01.2018Libby Baker
12 Braid groups 16.01.2018Franz Bürger
13 Branched covers 23.01.2018Ardalan Khazraei