Arbeitsgruppe Komplexe Geometrie
Lehrveranstaltungen Prof. Dr. Daniel Huybrechts u. AG Komplexe Geometrie
im Wintersemester 2015/2016:

Algebraic Geometry I (V4A1)
Prof. Huybrechts
Montag 12 c.t. - 14, On Mondays: Grosser Hoersaal, Wegelerstr. 10
Donnerstag 14 c.t. - 16, Kleiner Hoersaal, Wegelerstr. 10
First lecture on Monday, 19th, no lecture on Thursday, 22nd!
The course will be taugth in English. It is recommended to all Bachelor students who plan to write a bachelor thesis in algebraic geometry in the workgroup.
Part II will be taugth in the following term.

This course is an introduction to the language of schemes (including sheaves and their cohomology), which are (ringed) spaces that locally look like the spectrum of a commutative ring. This is the language of modern algebraic geometry and was mainly developed by Grothendieck. The focus of the course will really be on schemes and not so much varieties (which will only be touched upon occasionally). Prerequisite for this course is a good knowledge of commutative algebra (to the extent of last term's course Algebra I).
One of the founders of the theory, David Mumford, wrote in 1975:
[Algebraic geometry] seems to have acquired the reputation of being esoteric, exclusive, and very abstract, with adherents who are secretly plotting to take over all the rest of mathematics! In one respect this last point is accurate ...
Find out!

Some of the standard sources include:
  • R. Hartshorne: Algebraic Geometry GTM 52. Springer.
    (This is still the most commonly used source.)
  • D. Mumford: The Red book of varieties and schemes. Springer LN 1358.
  • R. Vakil: Foundations of algebraic geometry.
    Online lectures (
  • J. de Jong: The Stacks project
  • D. Eisenbud and J. Harris, The Geometry of Schemes, GTM 197, Springer.
  • U. Goertz, T. Wedhorn: Algebraic Geometry I. Vieweg.
  • Q. Liu: Algebraic Geometry and Arithmetic Curves. Oxford GTM

  • Uebungen Algebraic Geometry I
    Dr. Andrey Soldatenkov
    Mittwoch; Freitag
    Details zu den Uebungen (V4A1)

    Seminar zur Algebraischen Geometrie (Modul S2A1)
    Prof. Huybrechts; Dr. Stefan Schreieder
    Donnerstag, 16:00 ct - 18:00 Uhr, Endenicher Allee 60, Seminarraum 0.008
    Die Teilnahme wird allen Studenten empfohlen, die planen, im SS 2016 eine Bachelorarbeit in der AG zu schreiben.
    Anmeldung per email an bis zum 30.7.2015.

    Seminar on Algebraic Geometry (Modul S4A1): Bend and Break
    Dr. Vladimir Lazic
    Dienstag, 12:00 ct - 14:00 Uhr, Endenicher Allee 60, Seminarraum 1.007

    Graduate Seminar on Algebraic Geometry (Modul S4A1):
    SFB-Transregio-45-Seminar zur Algebraischen Geometrie

    Prof. Huybrechts
    Dienstag 14:00 ct - 16:00 Uhr, Endenicher Allee 60, SR 0.011
    Usually we would use the Tuesday slot to learn something new, but this term it seems more appropriate to give all the newcommers and guests a chance to present their area and recent work.
    All talks will be individually announced in the weekly program.

    Graduate Seminar on Algebraic Geometry (SAG) (Modul S4A1):
    Gastvortraege zu aktuellen Ergebnissen der algebraischen und komplexen Geometrie

    Donnerstag 10.30 Uhr, Hoersaal MPI, Vivatsgasse 7
    SAG Wintersemester 2015/2016

    See also:
    Topics in Algebraic Geometry: Fano varieties

    Organizers: Ariyan Javanpeykar (Mainz), Lars Kühne (Bonn), Ronan Terpereau (Bonn)
    Freitag 14:15 - 17:45, starting on 6th November with its first meeting at the MPIM Bonn (Seminarroom). Afterwards, it takes place every other Friday, alternating between the MPIM Bonn and the University of Mainz.
    Contact: Ariyan Javanpeykar (

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