Summer school

Brascamp-Lieb inequalities

September 26 - October 01, 2021
Wolffhotel in Kopp, a village in the Vulkaneiffel southwest of Bonn.
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In this school, all lectures are given by participants. The typical participant will be a graduate student or postdoc, not necessarily an expert on the topic, but interested in jointly learning the subject.

It is expected that a corona virus vaccination will be a necessary condition for participation this year.

Students from Bonn may take credit for a seminar S4B2 in WS 2021/22.


Topic choice and registration

Each participant is required to prepare a 50 min lecture on a topic from the above list. The organizers are happy to answer questions on the assigned topics directed to this address at any time.

If you would like to participate, please send an informal email to Christoph Thiele with cc Ms. Canji by June 30. Space is limited to 24 participants.

The registration email should include

The organizers will make an effort to follow these preferences when assigning topics, but do not guarantee that this will be possible for all participants.

Preparation and school proceedings

In addition to preparing a talk, each participant is required to submit a 4-6 page summary of their topic. The summary has to be prepared using this latex template and must be submitted by August 15 to canji at

The summaries will be compiled in a proceedings volume. Printed copies of the proceedings will be distributed on the first day of the summer school, and are intended for use during the talks, as well as for later reference. They will also be posted at the above link.


Sunday, September 26, will be the arrival day. From Monday to Friday, the participants will give the lectures that they have prepared in advance. Departure will be after lunch on Friday, October 1.

The schedule and the topics assignment can be found in the topics PDF file.


Due to flood damage, all railways to Gerolstein are currently closed. If this situation persists, we will consider replacing individual travel by a bus transfer from Bonn.


The Summer School is funded by the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics. All local expenses will be covered. A contribution towards travel expenses may be available upon request.