WiFi SSID MIgast

This net is primarily targeted at short time guest and conferece participants. Authentication takes place in your Web brower via a username/password combination (“captive portal”). The connection will be unencrypted, i. e. easily sniffable. Credentials (valid for up to 14 days) will be provided by your host.
No access to printers is provided in this net.

If you see the message No auth instead of a message that asks you enter your WIgast account name and password, you can open the dialogue by opening a external (everything that is not *.math.uni-bonn.de) http website in your browser. Please note that the connection needs to be a plain text connection i.e. no encryption. Thus, make sure that you add http:// infront of the URL. Another possibility is to access http://gast-wlan.math.uni-bonn.de manually.