Jan Schröer

Funding for PhD students

I only accept students with a very good Master degree and with a very solid background on the representation theory of algebras and quivers or on closely related topics.

You can apply to the BIGS (Bonn International Graduate School) to get a PhD fellowship. Please ask me if I want to be your PhD supervisor before you apply there.

About half of my Master students want to do a PhD as well. I have to turn down lots of these requests, but if you are a good student, I can provide a list of alternative representation theory supervisors at other universities.

Please note that I will only write reference letters for your PhD applications if I'm convinced that you should do a PhD.

Funding for postdocs

If you want to be a postdoc in our research group (working on representation theory of finite-dimensional algebras and quivers), there are several types of positions:
  • Wissenschaftlicher Assistent: 2-7 years, postdoc position with some (easy) teaching duties. You need at least medium level German language skills for this. (There can be exceptions to this rule.) I usually have one assistant.
  • HCM Postdoc: 1-2 years, sometimes a 3rd year is possible. Please ask me before you name me as a mentor in your application. See the HCM webpages for details.
  • Max-Planck Postdoc: 1-2 years are realistic. See the webpages of the Max-Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn for details.
  • Bonn Junior Fellow: 5 years, W2 Professor, reduced teaching. This is not a postdoc position, but rather a temporary professorial position. See the HCM webpages for details.