Two lectures in Nancy, Redshift: Observation and Geometry.pdf

Vortrag Bonn (2005): Einsteins Uhren gehen richtig.pdf.

Bilder dazu: FraunhoferLinien.jpg, ErsterGPS_Sat.jpg, CäsiumUhren.jpg, Uhren.

English version (2006): Einstein's Clocks (80 kb pdf)


Philadelphia (2007): General Relativity for Differential Geometers (780 kb pdf), contents.html

The 780 kb file combines the files for the individual chapters:

Einstein's Clocks (80 kb pdf), IndefinteScalarProducts(76 kb), Special Relativity 1(84 kb), Pseudo-Riemannian Analysis (88 kb), --- Special Relativity 2 (92 kb, Maxwell's Equation, Aberration of Light), --- Null Geometry (100 kb, Geodesic Light Cones, Distance Measurements and Red Shift), --- Schwarzschild Geometry 1(100 kb, Solution with Cosmological Constant, Curvatures, Comparison with Newton, 2m), --- Schwarzschild Geometry 2 (332kb Mar21, Falling Particles, Light Bending, Shapiro Delay, Perihelion Advance, Spinning Planets, Kruskal Extension, Kerr diagrams), --- Stress-Energy-Tensor (80kb, Simple examples and Geometric Consequences, a Schur Theorem), --- Cosmology (88 kb, Standard Models, Big Bang and red shift predictions, red shift - luminosity and mass per red shift quantitative predictions. Gravitational waves)