Aus Anlass der Pensionierung von

Herrn Prof. Dr. Peter Koepke

lädt das Mathematische Institut der Universität Bonn

am Freitag, dem 31. Januar 2020,

im Lipschitz-Saal, Mathematik-Zentrum, Endenicher Allee 60

zu einem Kolloquium ein.

15:00 Begrüßung durch den Geschäftsführenden Direktor
des Mathematischen Instituts
Prof. Dr. Carl-Friedrich Bödigheimer
Prof. Dr. Thomas C. Hales (University of Pittsburgh)
The Formalization of Mathematics.
Abstract: A formal proof is a mathematical proof that has been checked by computer. The axioms and primitive rules of logic are programmed into a computer, and a proof is not regarded as verified until every step is exhaustively justified by first principles. Examples of proofs that have been formalized by various groups include the Kepler conjecture on sphere packings (2014), the independence of the Continuum Hypothesis (2019), and the Odd-order theorem in finite group theory (2012). Buoyed up by these successful projects, we are exploring how these tools might bring general benefit to the mathematical community.
16:15 Tee
16:45 Prof. Dr. P. Koepke
Life in Logic.