20. NRW Topology Meeting


Friday, November 8 and Saturday, November 9, 2013

Schedule of talks

All talks take place at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Vivatsgasse 7, 53111 Bonn
Friday, Nov. 8
11.30 - 12.15 Rune Haugseng
(MPIM Bonn)
Enriched Infinity-Categories
Lunch break
14.15 - 15.00 Ryan Budney
(U. of Victoria)
Topology of spaces of knots
Tea/Coffee break
15.45 - 16.30 Christoph Wockel
(U. Hamburg)
Topological group cohomology for Lie groups
17.00 - 18.00 Damien Gaboriau
(ENS Lyon)
Higher dimensional cost and deficiency-gradient
18:00 - 19:00 Dinner at MPIM
19:00 Discussion session
Saturday, Nov. 9
09.30 - 10.15 Daniel Kasprowski
(U. Münster)
On the K-theory of groups with finite decomposition complexity
Tea/Coffee break
10.45 - 11.30 Markus Hausmann
(U. Bonn)
Global classifying spaces and filtrations of equivariant K-theory
11.45 - 12.45 Andreas Thom
(U. Leipzig)
Entropy, determinants, and L2-torsion

There is no formal registration, but please send an Email to Mrs. Y. Kamitz (Email: "kamitz" at the domain "math.uni-bonn.de"), so that we can estimate the number of participants; please indicate whether you want to join us for dinner, which takes place at the MPIM on November 8 after the last talk. How to get to the MPI Bonn. List of previous NRW-Topology meetings.

05.11.2013 -- Organizers: Wolfgang Lück, Stefan Schwede, Peter Teichner