Young set theory workshop
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Research statements

All participants (including speakers) will be asked to write a one-page statement about their research. The statements should be written so that any set theorist can understand them and include any results or work-in-progress that one is willing to share or discuss, with references to papers and preprints. For students just starting out in set theory, it is enough to describe some general research interests.

The statements should be submitted in text format. If you need to use LaTeX symbols, please use these formatting rules.

The research statements of all participants will be made available at this web page, and will also be distributed in paper to all participants. The purpose of this is to bring participants with similar research interests together, in particular during the discussion sessions.

Discussion sessions

The discussion sessions will be organised in a general meeting at the beginning of each session, but will also leave open the possibility of the formation of more spontaneous groups. In this general meeting, participants have the opportunity to ask around about a specific topic they want to know about. In the past there has been some hesitation from people who know something that someone else wants to hear, but are unsure about "leading" a discussion session. These need not be formal impromptu lectures! In fact, it need not be a monologue at all, but a conversation, where members of the group ask questions and any other member who knows the answer can join in.

The idea of the discussion sessions is simply to give participants a chance to work together in small groups. From past experience in Young Set Theory meetings, here are some examples of discussion groups that have formed: