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BIWOC - Bonn International Workshop on Ordinal Computability

Bonn, January 21-25, 2007

Recent years saw the emergence of Ordinal Computability - the generalization of standard computability theory to ordinal time or ordinal space. Ordinal computability theory links computability, complexity, descriptive set theory, constructibility theory and other fields in innovative and fruitful ways.

The Bonn International Workshop on Ordinal Computability BIWOC aimed at bringing together specialists, interested graduate students, and representatives from neighboring fields. The program consisted of morning talks which represented the current spectrum of ordinal machine models and identified relevant research questions and projects. Afternoons were reserved for informal discussions, collaborations, and presentations. Some progress could already be reported at an open session at the end of the workshop.

BIWOC is documented by a workshop report which contains extended abstracts of most of the talks, a list of open problems in ordinal computability, and some further material. The report was prepared by Ioanna Dimitriou. It can also be bought printed on demand from lulu.

BIWOC was organized by Joel Hamkins, CUNY, New York and Peter Koepke, Bonn with financial and organisatorial support by the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics and the Mathematical Institute of the University of Bonn.