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RG Analysis and Partial Differential Equations



Welcome to the webpage of our reading group, a place where we talk about interesting math. This is a series of lectures organized by the people of the research group in Analysis and PDEs of the Mathematical Institute, to learn and discuss new topics which are not immediately related to our research but it could be good to know. Anyone is welcome to join the lectures.


The speakers will give lectures on several topics in Analysis. The focus will be on Analysis and Evolutionary Partial Differential Equations; some of the current topics are in Functional Analysis, Harmonic and Fourier Analysis, PDEs in fluid dynamics and dispersive PDEs. Each speaker generally gives a few lectures in a row on one topic. We will tipically have two talks per week. Everyone is welcome to attend the seminar. We are open to the possibility of other people giving lectures on their own favourite topics, we can discuss this during the weekly meeting if you are interested.

Where and When

Our scheduled meeting is on Friday in Room 0.003, from 16:00 c.t. to 19:00 (in case there is only one talk, we will decide whether to start later or finish early). It will happen that we will start late or reschedule the meeting to a different day; we will try to keep the page updated, but in case you plan to attend the seminar regularly you can join the Whatsapp group to know all the updates (see below). In case we stream the lectures on Zoom, here is the access data:

Passcode: 019802


We generally use blackboards; it should be possible to use beamers.

We have a Whatsapp group where we organize things and communicate rapidly: here is the link.

Next talks

April 28

Shao Liu - Strichartz estimates for Schrödinger equations on square tori (part 2)


May 5



Past talks

April 21

Dimitri Cobb - Besov spaces, part 1: an introduction


April 14

Lorenzo Pompili - Nonlinear dispersive PDEs (recap on Strichartz estimates; local smoothing)

Shao Liu - Strichartz estimates for Schrödinger equations on square tori (part 1)

April 7

Dimitri Cobb - Complemented Banach subspaces, part 2: a theorem on a sufficient condition for non-complementability

Shao Liu - Strichartz estimates for Schrödinger equations on square tori (introduction)

March 17

Dimitri Cobb - Complemented Banach subspaces, part 1: complementability and bounded projections

Lorenzo Pompili - Well-posedness of NLS via the Strichartz estimates: the L^2 case