Graduiertenkolleg 1150

Homotopy and Cohomology


Study program

In addition to the regular classes and seminars at the universities of Bochum, Bonn, and Düsseldorf, the Graduiertenkolleg offers advanced lectures and seminars for its doctoral students (and other interested parties). The study program has four kinds of activities:

These activities occupy each Thursday during the term at one of the universities in Bochum, Bonn or Düsseldorf, and the location rotates termwise. The doctoral students are expected to participate in these central activities and thus travel each Thursday to the respective university. The central lecture is in the morning, the Arbeitsgemeinschaft (Research Seminar) and the graduate student seminar alternate in the afternoon.

If you are participating in the Research Seminar, you may want to ensure that you are on the AG Homotopie mailing list in order to receive emails with new programs, updates of the program, or short notice changes of place or time. We kindly ask you to use your real name so that we can verify that you are a human being with interest in topology (rather than a machine with interest in spam).

Past terms:

The programmes of past terms can be found under "archive".

Last modified: 16.06.2016