Summer 2024

V5A1 - Selected Topics in Algebra - Representations of p-adic reductive groups at the Universität Bonn

Past Courses taught

  • Summer 2023:
    S4A5 (Graduate Seminar on Advanced Number Theory - The local Langlands conjectures for non-quasi-split groups) at the Universität Bonn

  • Winter 2022/2023:
    S4A3 (Graduate Seminar on Advanced Algebra - Topics in Bruhat-Tits Theory) at the Universität Bonn

  • Summer 2022:
    V5A1 (Advanced Topics in Algebra - Bruhat-Tits Theory) at the Universität Bonn

  • Fall 2021:
    Math 790-04 (An invitation to the representation theory of reductive p-adic groups) at Duke University

  • Winter 2017:
    Math 498 (Topics in Modern Mathematics - Representation Theory) at the University of Michigan

  • Fall 2013:
    Math 21b (Linear Algebra and Differential Equations) at Harvard University

  • Fall 2012:
    Math 99 (Coxeter Groups) at Harvard University
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