Bonn Mathematical Logic Group

Master Studies in Logic and Set Theory within the Master Program in Mathematics

The mathematical institutes at the University of Bonn are offering a research-orientated Master Program in Mathematics, which covers many areas:

The Master Program in Mathematics enables the student to proceed to the front of knowledge in one of the major fields of mathematics. An essential part is the Master Thesis. The language of instruction is English. Admission to the program requires a first academic degree (e.g. a Bachelor degree). Details of the application procedure can be found on the admissions homepage. The program can be started in either October or April and has a standard duration of 4 terms (2 years). It ends with the "Master of Science" degree.

Mathematical logic is one of the designated areas of specialization in the Master Program. Courses provided by the Bonn Mathematical Logic Group constitute a regular three-semester introduction into axiomatic set theory up to the construction of specific models of set theory using the methods of forcing and constructible inner models. The set theory course is accompanied by advanced courses on other topics in mathematical logic and by graduate seminars in logic and set theory. Projects for a master thesis can be chosen from all research areas of the Logic Group as well as from other fields of mathematical logic.

To ensure broader mathematical knowledge, two courses from other fields of pure or applied mathematics have to be taken. The study plan contains three further optional courses which may be chosen freely from other areas. For logicians it may be particularly interesting to take logic-related courses from neighbouring areas in philosophy, computer science, or linguistics.

The Logic Group will provide individual Tutoring and Mentoring for students intending to do a master project in logic.

Canonical entry semesters for the specialization in logic are the winter semesters 2012/13, 2014/15 etc. A possible study program in logic is described in the following table. Entry at other times may be arranged individually.

1  [9]Higher Set Theory  [9]Lecture Area II  [9]Lecture Area III      [20 to 27]Option 27
2  [9]Models of Set Theory I  [7]Advanced Topics in Logic [6]Graduate Seminar on Logic   27
3  [9]Models of Set Theory II      [6]Graduate Seminar on Set Theory 27
Master Thesis
4    S5G1
Master Thesis Seminar
 [6](4 SWS)


Last changed: 03 August 2011