Bonn Mathematical Logic Group

Graduate Seminar on Logic (S4A4)


Time and place

Thursdays, 6pm-8pm, room 0.008


Large Cardinals and Strong Logics


The seminar will start with a couple of introductory lectures by Peter Holy, followed by student talks based on talk slides by Menachem Magidor, that can be found here: Magidor slides

Additional references


(1) Niels Ranosch: Compactness, Reflection and Large Cardinals
(2) Nikola Kovacevic: Measurable Cardinals and Elementary Extensions
(3) Thorben Tröbst: Supercompact Cardinals and Second Order Logic
(4) Joshua Chen: Extendible Cardinals and Second Order Logic
(5) Andreas Lietz: Supercompact Cardinals, Extendible Cardinals and Reflection beyond Second Order Logic
(6) Timo Weiß: Vopenka's Principle and abstracts logics
(7) Joao Daniel Linharer Roreira: $\omega_1$-strongly compact cardinals and infinitary languages
(8) Francesco Pagani: Further characterizations of weak compactness

Last changed: April, 18th, 2018