Bonn Mathematical Logic Group

Graduate Seminar on Set Theory (S4A4): Boolean ultrapowers


Time and location

Tuesdays 10-12 in seminar room N0.003, in the rear building of Endenicher Allee 60, begins May 31.


Boolean ultrapowers form a generalization of ultrapowers and forcing in a beautiful framework. We will introduce and study Boolean ultrapowers of models of set theory and connections between ultrapowers and large cardinals. Some information can be found in Joel David Hamkins' lecture notes.


31 May  Ronja Reese Boolean-valued models 1
10 June Friday 10-12 Philipp Schlicht Boolean-valued models 2
21 June Julia Ilin Boolean ultrapowers
22 June Wednesday 10-12 Philipp Bongartz Boolean ultrapowers and degree of genericity
14 July  Thursday 10-12, Room 1.007 Philipp Schlicht Well founded Boolean ultrapowers


Last changed: 14 July 2011