Bonn Mathematical Logic Group

Graduate seminar on logic (S4A3)

Seminar on descriptive set theory

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Time and location

Tuesdays 10:00-12:00 in room 0.007


13 April Tomás Silveira Salles Polish spaces, Cantor-Bendixson analysis, meager sets, Baire spaces
20 April Tomás Silveira Salles Property of Baire, Kuratowski-Ulam theorem
27 April Nadja Hempel Analytic sets, part 1: Borel sets and analytic sets
04 May John Schmid Analytic sets, part 2: Lusin separation theorem, Suslin's theorem, perfect set property
11 May Stefan Knauf G_0 dichotomy, properties of G_0
18 May Stefan Knauf G_0 dichotomy, continued. Raimund Fiedler Silver's theorem
no seminar on 25 May and 01 June
08 June Raimund Fiedler Lusin-Novikov theorem
10 June (Thursday 10:15) Anne Fernengel G_0-H_0 dichotomy
15 June Anne Fernengel G_0-H_0 dichotomy, continued. Sina Koohbour E_0 dichotomy
22 June Eva Lang Borel reducibility, actions of Polish groups, Feldman-Moore theorem, universal actions
29 June Daniel Schreiber Universal countable Borel equivalence relations, actions of free groups
06 July Thomas Müller Hyperfinite Borel equivalence relations
13 July Thomas Müller Hyperfinite Borel equivalence relations, continued. Karen Räsch Turing graphs
20 July Karen Räsch Turing graphs, continued.
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