Bonn Mathematical Logic Group

Master's thesis seminar - Diplomandenseminar mathematical logic

Master module S5G1, 6 credit points, workload 180h


Time and location

Tuesdays 14:15-16:00, (SR B)


From the module handbook: Every participant of the seminar will prepare three seminar sessions on their Master's thesis theme. In the first talk the student will present the context of his or her research work. In the second talk the student will begin to present research results. In the final colloquium, which takes place after completion of the thesis, the research results of the thesis are presented and discussed in a wider mathematical context. Particular emphasis will be placed on the ability to provide a survey which allows nonspecialists to follow the talks.


23 October, Presentation of possible Diploma projects

30 October, 6 November, 13 November, 20 November Peter Koepke and Benjamin Seyfferth, "A short course in ordinal computability and admissible computability theory" (In connection with our diploma and research project on ordinal computability)

Last changed: 6 July 2007