infinitary combinatorics without the axiom of choice

ICWAC workshop. 11-13 June 2009, Bonn

We are organising the three-day workshop "Infinitary combinatorics without the axiom of choice" (ICWAC 2009) in Bonn, Germany. The workshop will start on Thursday June 11 early in the morning and will finish on the evening of Saturday June 13. These dates are chosen to accomodate the participants that also want to attend the ESI workshop on large cardinals and descriptive set theory to take place in Vienna at 14-27 of June. Note that the ESI workshop will start on the morning of the 15th of June.

At ICWAC 2009 recent results on consistency strengths of choiceless combinatorial principles will be presented. Through interaction with invited experts we seek to widen the scope of our problems and methods and to get further consistency strength estimates.

The workshop will consist of morning talks and plenty of time for discussions and joint work in the afternoons and evenings. There may be some contributed talks as well.

The confirmed invited speakers are Moti Gitik, Steve Jackson, Grigor Sargsyan, and Ralf Schindler.

The organising and scientific committee: Arthur Apter, Ioanna Dimitriou, Peter Koepke, Benedikt Löwe